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Windows Hardware & Software

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View ThreadFlash drives
by Oliver Peters 1 day ago
210 hours ago
Oliver Peters
View ThreadAC Power Adapter for a WD My Book Studio II?
by Samantha Bode 1 week ago
35 days ago
Joseph W. Bourke
View Threadgopro conversion to older format?
by Glenn Woiler 2 weeks ago
41 week ago
Glenn Woiler
View Threadbest back-up software
by Bob Cole 2 weeks ago
32 weeks ago
Joseph W. Bourke
View ThreadWindows 10 camera app suddenly only giving me 29 FPS 1080P not 30 FPS with Logitech C930e
by Josh Razauskas 3 weeks ago
43 weeks ago
Josh Razauskas
View ThreadAV Prodn App for Android
by Chas Smith 4 weeks ago
View ThreadAuto-Fed Scanner for Hand Drawn Animaiton
by melisa bala 1 month ago
View ThreadPC keeps rebooting
by Séraphine Devin 3 months ago
13 months ago
Todd Perchert
View ThreadEditing Monitor suggestions-£200-£250 budget
by Patrick D'Arcy 4 months ago
13 months ago
Patrick D'Arcy
View Threadi am looking for an easy multimedia authoring tool for interactive cd or dvd rom
by kathreen anachioti 4 months ago
View ThreadConvert AVD files to MOV
by David Massachi 10 months ago
14 months ago
Jamie McKernan
View ThreadIs my PC configuration good for Video editing ?
by Mohammed Zouhair 5 months ago
44 months ago
Jamie McKernan
View ThreadPC File Transfer Software (with Checksum)
by Jonas Bendsen 2 years ago
84 months ago
Aaron Star
View ThreadI get another fatal error saying I need OpenGL 3.2. Does anyone know where I get it from?
by chris willoughby 5 months ago
15 months ago
Todd Perchert
View ThreadSpyware, Adware, Viruses oh my!
by Vincent Strader 6 months ago
55 months ago
chris willoughby
View Threadmulti cam capture HDMI
by jeremy obertone 6 months ago
36 months ago
Thomas Leong
View ThreadDigital line when exporting
by Joe Birkmire 6 months ago
View ThreadAdvice on Building a new Windows based editing system
by Glenn Payne 6 months ago
36 months ago
Todd Perchert
View ThreadColor Calibration - Datacolor Spyder4Pro S4P100 vs. X-Rite ColorMunki
by Jaeson Jrakman 6 months ago
View ThreadLooking for software to generate seamless textures
by Jaeson Jrakman 6 months ago
View ThreadSome ProRes files slow computer to an unusable crawl if Windows Explorer accesses them
by David Mackenzie 9 months ago
17 months ago
Tyler Chittick
View ThreadLTFS with HP Ultrium on Windows
by Francesco Giardiello 3 years ago
37 months ago
Alex Oppenheimer
View ThreadQuestion: Best HMDI Capture hardware for a laptop?
by Paul Trebilco 7 months ago
View ThreadOutput for windows media player from after effects
by Roger Burton 9 months ago
27 months ago
Roger Burton
View ThreadExtremely Slow USB 3.0 Transfer Speeds
by Terry Nutkins 9 months ago
27 months ago
Jeff Pulera
View ThreadUsing MiniTool Partition for creating EX3 partition for dcp
by Farzin Kama 8 months ago
View ThreadNo audio when Plugging in Headphones but Speakers work fine
by Delmar Penner 1 year ago
39 months ago
Buddy Kenna
View Threadquicktime playback on windows with straight alpha channel
by Aaron Kent 9 months ago
View ThreadNews: HP Introduces Industry's Thinnest and Lightest Workstation Ultrabooks
by Cow News Droid 9 months ago
View ThreadNews: HP Debuts Virtual Reality Display Reducing the Barriers Between Digital and Physical World
by Cow News Droid 9 months ago
View Threada strage problem
by Hadar Kre 10 months ago
View Thread(Crash) Quicktime // MOV
by Cerutti Nicolas 2 years ago
410 months ago
Jessie May
View Threadcan I make a disc image of XP and boot from it to do a reinstall
by Nelson May 10 months ago
310 months ago
Todd Perchert
View ThreadQuicktime problem - Windows machine access over Mac network?
by Jimmy Brunger 3 years ago
310 months ago
Tom Karlsson
View ThreadDisplayPort Multiplier to HDMI TV and DP Monitor.
by Javi Aledo 11 months ago
View ThreadSwitch to PC - Cinema Tools
by Chris Ramey 3 years ago
311 months ago
Chris Ramey
View ThreadAlternative to BlackMagic Disk Speed Test for Windows
by Jean Bertin 2 years ago
611 months ago
Gabriele Bartoli
View ThreadNews: ROCCAT and Alienware Become Exclusive Partners
by Cow News Droid 11 months ago
View ThreadAny good DVCPRO HD DirectShow decoder
by Kevin Flynn 11 months ago

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