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Finalizing credits and need some advice

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David FrenchFinalizing credits and need some advice
by on Nov 4, 2013 at 8:08:50 pm

I just finished post on a semi-official film thesis for my undergrad. Semi-official because my senior year our film production department was scrapped but I decided to make it anyway without official support. I'm working on the credits and as a result of our unusual situation, I'm having some difficulty figuring out the best way to format stuff.

Also first, I want to give a disclaimer. I'm asking these questions honestly with the best intentions so I hope this doesn't come off rude or bad.

There are a couple of problems that I need some help on:

1) I wasn't crewless, but I was close+, and as a result the vast number of credits are in my name. But I don't want to look like a deluded Tommy Wiseau**, or be an egomaniac jackass.

I didn't just edit and shoot the film. I was the screenwriter, director, casting director, producer, VFX, sound design, and set designer/builder. Having done so much, I'd like that to be evident in the credits, but it seems listing all that would be obnoxious. Not sure how to gracefully handle this.

I was thinking about doing a variation on Robert Rodriguez's "shot, chopped, and scored". I didn't score it, but our film uses a "glitch-art" aesthetic and I was thinking "shot, chopped, and screwed" would be a nice take on that. Chopped and Screwed is one of the earliest genres of glitched music (back in Houston in the 90s). Seems like it would be a kind of clever variation. I don't think it really gives the full picture of all the stuff I ended up doing, but still, maybe not as jackassy sounding?

2) Sort of similar to the first. We had a couple of people fulfill two roles. A couple of grips were also extras in a crowd scene. Could we just list people's names with all the roles they fulfilled after it? So like this

John Doe Grip
James Doe Grip
Bretta Doe Grip, Crowd Extra
Bo Doe Grip

Would that be the way to properly give credit to everyone?

+The only people left in our film program was myself, my AD, and a bunch of freshmen with no training or experience who consistently missed shoots they had been scheduled for, leaving my AD and I to do everything by ourselves....

** Tommy listed it like this:
Produced by Tommy
Directed by Tommy
Written by Tommy
Starring Tommy

Not very professional, know what I mean?


So I think I have an idea, but I need some feedback on it.

How would this work:

(big letters fade in as credit song starts)

Shot, chopped, and screwed by David French

Starring John Doe, and Jane Smith

William Robinson: Original Soundtrack Score

And then roll credits (listing the names first to make it easier to list multiple roles where applicable)

(a prof who helped me in pre-production): Executive Producer

(the board of a film club at my school that helped me get funding): Associate Producers

David French: Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

Jane Reliable: Assistant Director

(person who helped me write up the initial shoot schedule): Production Manager


John Doe Protagonist Hiro
Jane Smith Sidekick McGee
Blah Blah Side Character
Blah Blah Side Character
Blah Blah Side Character
Blah Blah Side Character

Crowd Extras: (list of all the people who were extras)

Action extras: (list of all people who were extras in our "action" scene(not actual stunt doubles.))

Then roll crew:
(Guy who helped with assemblies and consulted on later drafts): Assistant Editor.

(I was having trouble figuring out some sound removal in a scene and a musician friend lent a hand on a couple of files): Consulting Sound Designer

(A guy on campus who started an "actors club" who I asked to help with casting. He didn't end up actually doing much and we ended up relying mostly on professionals since the student actors were awful): Casting Consultant

(a couple of the freshmen who actually helped out substantially): Production Assistant

Freshman 1: Grip
Freshman 2: Grip, Crowd Extra
Freshman 3: Grip
Freshman 4: Grip

A special thanks to: (list of people who gave me feedback throughout the pre and post production process)

(professional casting agency who we used to find our professionals)

(location owners/business that we shot on site for)

And a very special thanks to the Waltham Police Department for not arresting us(This is a somewhat cheeky thanks to the police who dealt with our production bumps with relatively good cheer)

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Mark SuszkoRe: Finalizing credits and need some advice
by on Nov 5, 2013 at 4:53:24 pm

Why not credit an anagram of your name for some of the jobs, or give them to Alan Smithee?

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Bill DewaldRe: Finalizing credits and need some advice
by on Nov 6, 2013 at 1:46:23 am

You're right - you don't want to get too hung up on giving yourself multiple titles, especially at this level.

"Shot Chopped and Screwed" is kind of jackassy, in my opinion. But that's what thesis films are for! If you have truly shot, chopped and screwed the film, then be that guy.

I feel like "Written/Produced/Directed/Edited" = "A Film By". Give yourself that credit, and leave off crediting all the roles you did yourself. In absence of collaborators listed in the credits, people will figure it out.

If you've got double credits, have each person's name appear in the roles they performed. So if they're an extra and a grip, have their name appear with the extras, and then with the grips. Crediting someone as "Extra, Grip" calls undue attention to the fact that you had your extras grip (or vice versa).

Also - keep your credit sequence short, and your roll fast. Don't pad out the credits with fake names. People just sat through your thesis film, give them a break.

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David FrenchRe: Finalizing credits and need some advice
by on Nov 6, 2013 at 8:47:15 pm

Excellent advice. Thank you Bill.

Also fair point on the chopped and screwed bit, hahaha

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