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a possible answer to PTT problems

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Bob Colea possible answer to PTT problems
by on Jan 26, 2008 at 9:39:27 pm

This may be redundant, but I'd like to share for once an ANSWER (possibly) to a recurrent LHe/FCP problem: when printing to tape, the Kona card occasionally gets confused and outputs its characteristic "I don't UNDERSTAND" vertical-only color bars.

And nothing else.

No FCP sequence comes forth, no FCP countdown -- all you get are these vertical color bars.

I found a possible answer, after trying all of the traditional fixes (restart, trash prefs, burn incense...) in vain.

I had two projects open in FCP when I was having the problem. As soon as I closed the irrelevant project, the problem was solved.

Could be coincidence. But I thought I'd pass it on.

NOW, if someone could tell me why, when I have the power to my Sony M25 deck turned on, I sometimes get incessant dropped frames when playing a FCP sequence, I'd appreciate it. As soon as I turn off the deck the problem disappears. But that doesn't seem right.

Bob C

(still running Tiger)

MacPro 2 x 3GHz dualcore; 10 GB 667MHz
Kona LHe
Sony HDV Z1
Sony HDV M25U
HD-Connect MI
Betacam UVW1800
DVCPro AJ-D650

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