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Quicktime recording and Final Cut

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Scott Hill
Quicktime recording and Final Cut
on Nov 15, 2006 at 8:57:11 pm

I'm wondering how I can use Quictime Pro 7 to capture footage from a DV deck and use it in Final Cut. I'd like to keep working in Final Cut and capture at the same time. I tried making a new Quicktime recording, which worked, but Final Cut won't let me import it.
In my preferences in Quicktime, under the recording icon, I've selected the DV deck as the video source, DV Audio: First 2 channels as my audio source, and under quality I pick Device Native.
When I view the movie info, it says it is a DV/NTSC movie, but for some reason, I get an error in FC when I import.

Anyone else doing this?

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Duncan Craig
Quicktime recording and Final Cut
on Nov 15, 2006 at 9:42:55 pm

Interesting Workflow.
I don't see why this shouldn't work.

Saying that DV needs all your processor power is naive.

I run Compressor in the background rendering mpeg2 files, the activity monitor shows compressor using 150%-180% of the processors (Dual2Ghz G5) and FCP runs just fine thankyou. I do run a proper setup though, with a dedicated HugeDualMax RAID on SCSI (approx 400MB/s). Still even my old G5 can do this.(It's still a brilliant machine!!!)

So asking QT to capture a low bandwidth DV stream whilst FCP runs should be fine.

I guess it would have something to do with QT, I would suggest capturing in QT without FCP open. Then launch FCP and try to import. Or just drag the QT clip from the finder onto the FCP ico in the dock.

Maybe the problem is with timecode in the clip. What extension does it give you? .mov? try to convert a test clip to a dv stream. Or just get rid of the .mov and see what happens in FCP.
I'll have a play with this myself now.


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Duncan Craig
Re: Quicktime recording and Final Cut
on Nov 15, 2006 at 10:06:40 pm

I've just tried this.
After capturing in QT, QT crashed and it gave an error message.

Anyway the resultant .mov on the desktop plays choppy in QT.
It won't import into FCP, if you drag it to FCP you get the message:

'Unsupported frame rate error
Final Cut Pro does not support this framerate or the way it is represented'

However I converted the .mov using QT to a dv stream and it dropped into FCP OK.
Still choppy and the audio needed rendering but it's a start.

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Scott Hill
Re: Quicktime recording and Final Cut
on Nov 15, 2006 at 10:47:12 pm

What about capturing using iMovie? I've never used it, but it uses DV, right?

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Tom Ackroyd
Re: Quicktime recording and Final Cut
on Nov 16, 2006 at 1:26:21 am

I tried this. I recorded a (PAL) DV movie in QTPro. The screen size of the resulting .mov comes out at 384x288, which is an non-standard DV dimension.

I import it to Final Cut Studio. The pixel dimension is displayed in the browser as 384x288. I load it to the viewer. The viewer displays correctly, but blown-up. On hitting play, I see full motion in the viewer (but at half-resolution), but not on the external monitor - this only updates on stop - ie no motion playback at all.

This next bit is very strange: if I edit the clip into a DV-PAL sequence, the canvas and external monitor displays only the top left quarter of the original pictures, in the centre of the screen.

If I adjust the original movie dimensions in QT Pro, to 720x576, everything is fine. Of course there is no timecode associated with your clip - this is A Bad Thing as we all know.

So in my experience, it is a bad idea to use QT Pro to do recordings for use in Final Cut.

Hope this sheds some light!

Tom Ackroyd

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Re: Quicktime recording and Final Cut
on Nov 16, 2006 at 1:37:41 am

Final Cut Pro is a perfectly great video capture device.

Please use it.

If you need to edit and capture at the same time, get yourself another capture machine and capture there.


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Re: Quicktime recording and Final Cut
on Nov 16, 2006 at 2:37:11 am

Use a program that is specifically desgined to capture (and log) DV, such as CatDV or even BTV Pro

Install it on a separate and cheap Mac (that meets the hardware and software requirements) to free up your main computer to work on editing/rendering.

Bill Lee

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Duncan Craig
Re: Quicktime recording and Final Cut
on Nov 17, 2006 at 1:01:10 am

Guys please, it seems like a fair question. Sorry if I'm coming across wrong though.
Being able to capture reliable DV in one app whilst editing in another isn't asking the world.
It's not something I have a need for, but the question was asked.

Coming down on the OP suggesting their approach is unorthodox and shouldn't be attempted because of processor power is daft.
Saying that they have to buy another machine and another copy of FCP or Quicktime based Capture App can't be the only answer. Think Different. is sat there doing bugger all whilst FCP is open. I use QT to convert audio file formats on long recordings whist working on FCP. It doesn't mean I am a cheapskate who should be using a separate Mac for each App I own.

I used to get the same kind of response from Quantel when I tested Editbox
'Q. Where's the undo button?
A. You don't need an undo button!, That'll be

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Bret Williams
Re: Quicktime recording and Final Cut
on Nov 17, 2006 at 5:00:16 am

Yeah, somehow I used to capture DV with a 225mhz 604e to an external scsi without EVER dropping a frame. I never heard of dropped frames in DV until I got FCP. Before that I had EditDV. And of course Media100 and Avid never dropped frames. That's a DV deal only.

I don't think the processor is even involved in capturing DV. It passes through the controller onto the drive. Just a few minor codes to add the file info and a QT wrapper. It's just moving data around.

Even if it taxed the processor, you'd think there'd be plenty of processor left since a 200mhz processor was fine, and we're doing quad procs now.

Am I not the only person that surfs the web and checks email while capturing? What's the big deal?

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