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Capturing or Clipping Individual Scenes

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Capturing or Clipping Individual Scenes
on Jan 7, 2006 at 7:55:10 am

Hi All.

I just converted from Premiere to FCP, and I am stumbling on a few (hopefully basic) topics!

When capturing, Premiere will automatically segment each scene into individual files. I cannot seem to find this option with FCP, and the manual seems to confirm this. Rather, after capturing a whole tape using "now" cature", I use the DV Scene detect, and can then use subclips in the edit.

Well, for reason of porting individual scenes to Shake and Motion (there seems to be trouble with using sub-clips for this) and because I really dont want the long 60min file sitting on my drive -- I want to split the captured file into its individual scenes.

I have tried to use the Media Manager (as described in the manual) to "move" the subclips (I have also tried "using existing" and "copy" option) to move the selected subclips to individual files, destroying the large captured file. Yet, despite exactly following the manual, this does not seem to work (does not split the files, but gives me a varity of problems, namely not recognizing all the files in the bin/selection, and doing no splitting).

So, I want mucho many small independant scene files, rather than the long sequential capture file, and I would rather not batch or manually capture each scene.

Any hints/tips would be appreciated!

Best Wishes,


Christian T. Petersen
Pentium 4 (Dual).
4G Ram
260 HD

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Shane Ross
Re: Capturing or Clipping Individual Scenes
on Jan 7, 2006 at 8:30:09 am

The only way to get individual clips of each take is to manually log and capture. And with Media Manager being as unstable as it is (nick named the Media Mangler) I'd never use it.

Logging and capturing really doesn't take that much time.


Shane Ross
Alokut Productions

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Re: Capturing or Clipping Individual Scenes
on Jan 7, 2006 at 7:44:31 pm

Shane's right. And you're spending more time trying to figure out a way to fit a round peg into a square hole, then it takes to just make a square peg to begin with.

You should spend some time learning FCP and create workflows that work with FCP, rather than trying to fit what you did in another app into FCP. (and understanding the differences between Premiere and FCP)

For your specific question, you may be able highlight the subclip in the browser and make it a new master clip (Modify/Duplicate as New Master Clip) and use that for your purposes. You might even batch export those out to a new folder, delete the original large media file (I would test this out first), then reimport them into your project (I've not tested this, so could be wrong).

As for sending the subclip to Motion, drop it on the timeline, Ctrl+Click the clip and select send to motion and only the subclip will be sent to motion. After modifying it, back in FCP, you can drag that clip back into the browser to have a copy of the subclip with the new motion properties to be reused.

Seems easier to just capture the clips you need in the first place - you can also log everything at once and do a batch capture.

"Go slow to go fast"

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Kevin Monahan
Re: Capturing or Clipping Individual Scenes
on Jan 7, 2006 at 9:37:30 pm

Trust the Force.

Kevin Monahan

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