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Final Cut Pro Crashing on Startup.

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Tristan NietoFinal Cut Pro Crashing on Startup.
by on Sep 27, 2005 at 3:18:56 am

Hey there all,

Simple problem: FCP won't open. You click the icon, it bounces up and down in the dock and then displays the message "Final Cut Pro has unexpectedly quit". That's as far as i can get. I just reinstalled it, but the same problem occurs. Any suggestions?


Dual 2.0Ghz G5
2.0Gb RAM
OSX 10.3.8
FCP 4.5
Blackmagic Decklink Extreme

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JeremyGRe: Final Cut Pro Crashing on Startup.
by on Sep 27, 2005 at 4:42:04 am

Toss those preferences, try this first as it's really easy. FCP rescue (a free utility) will do it for you. you can find that here:

If that doesn't work you might want to uninstall your black magic drivers, then open FCP once (without any blackmagic drivers installed), quit FCP, install your blackmagic drivers, open fcp and you should be good to go.


G5 Dual 2Ghz <> 4GB RAM <> FCP 5.02 <> Kona 2

ATTO 42XS <> Huge Systems 1.25 TB 4105 Fibre

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Tristan NietoRe: Final Cut Pro Crashing on Startup.
by on Sep 27, 2005 at 5:32:38 am

Thanks for the help,

So far, still no joy, though, i'm not sure what the most reliable way of uninstalling FCP is. What i'm currently doing is just trashing every file related to FCP i can find and running the installer again. I think it's working, but i'm not convinced. The installer says it needs 1.2 Gb of free space for the installation, so presumably it's doing something. Running FCP Rescue and uninstalling the blackmagic drivers hasn't seemed to have made a difference. Just for safety, i haven't reinstalled any of the blackmagic drivers.

Anyone have a sure fire way to completely remove FCP HD from your machine?


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JeremyGRe: Final Cut Pro Crashing on Startup.
by on Sep 27, 2005 at 2:58:27 pm

What system are you running and how did you get to that latest version?

Provided you are using FCP 4.5, you can try this FCP dumper script:

or here's the instructions:

The Final Cut Pro HD installer does not include an uninstall option. The folders and files installed during a full installation of Final Cut Pro HD are listed below. To uninstall, delete the following items (some items may not be present depending on what has been installed). Note: You may prefer to access these locations via the Finder's Go to Folder feature (From the Go menu, choose Go to Folder) and enter the Directory name.

File/Folder to Delete

Cinema Tools
Final Cut Pro HD
Final Cut Pro HD Additional Easy Presets

Batch Monitor (Note 3)
Soundtrack Loop Utility (Note 2)

Soundtrack Loops (Note 2)

/Library/Application Support
Boris FX
Final Cut Pro System Support

/Library/Application Support/ProApps
Final Cut Pro System ID

Qmaster (Note 3)

Qmaster.framework (Note 3)

StompTranscoderX.bundle (if present)

FCP Uncompressed 422.component

CompressorUpdate1.2.pkg (3)
Soundtrack.pkg (Note 2)
SoundtrackUpdate1.2.pkg (Note 2)
QuickTimeMPEG2.pkg (Note 1)



~/Library/Preferences *
Final Cut Pro User Data

~/Library/Preferences *

~/Library/Application Support *


Tip: The tilde "~" refers to your Home directory. For more information see technical document 106167 "Mac OS X: Using Your Home Directory".

1. Only if QuickTime MPEG 2 wasn't installed separately.
2. Only if Soundtrack wasn't installed separately.
3. Only if Compressor isn't installed as part of DVD Studio Pro.

G5 Dual 2Ghz <> 4GB RAM <> FCP 5.02 <> Kona 2

ATTO 42XS <> Huge Systems 1.25 TB 4105 Fibre

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Tristan NietoRe: Final Cut Pro Crashing on Startup.
by on Sep 28, 2005 at 12:08:04 am

Thanks for that, the dumper utility is great.

I finally fixed the issue, so i've decided to print the solution just incase someone else has the same problem. This was given to me by a friend just as a check to make sure it definately was the application and not something else, and it turned out fixing the problem.

1) During boot up, hold option-S
2) When you get to the menu, type: fsck -f (enter). This will basically repair permissions without any particular user being logged in.
3) Once it finishes, type the same thing again and hit enter. Repeat this process until it gives you the message that the volume was examined and is ok (ie - no changes were made).
4) Type: reboot (enter).
5) This time log in (as admin or with admin access) and run repair permissions (in utilities>disk utility)
6) Open terminal (utilities>terminal) and type: sudo periodic daily (enter). It'll ask for your password after that.
7) In terminal, type: sudo periodic weekly (enter), which will run for longer. When that's done, type: sudo periodic monthly (enter).
8) When that's finished, type: sudo update_prebinding -root / -force (enter). Let it run.
9) Reboot.

Aparently, you can run this when any program crashes or anytime the machine is glitchy. If you get to the end of this process and the program is still not working, you've practically guaranteed that the problem is somewhere in the application.

Thanks for all your help guys, and I hope this helps the next guy with the same problem


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debeRe: Final Cut Pro Crashing on Startup.
by on Sep 29, 2005 at 5:41:30 pm

That's pretty much what Cocktail, MacJanitor and Yasu (I think) do, but with a more "pleasant user interface".

If it's worth it to you to just be able to launch a program and push a button or two, consider purchasing one of the above utilities.

If you're more hardcore and get a little jolt outta working in Unix, then by all means, it IS cheaper!



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