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mov from .dcp file

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Ashish Sah
mov from .dcp file
on Aug 8, 2015 at 7:40:09 am

I have .dcp file. I want to make an .mov file from .dcp file. How can we make? Can we make in fcp or other software? The total duration would be 1ht 30min. I lost my .mov file, I have only .dcp file.
Please guide me.


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Jimmy See
Re: mov from .dcp file
on Aug 12, 2015 at 11:57:40 am

Do you have an actual file with the extension .dcp at the end? Is that a digital cinema package or something else?

I ask because digital cinema package is all I can think of for what you must have there based on what description you've put forward. If it is a digital cinema package that you've got that you're attempting to change back in to some form of playable digital file, you could have some problems.

if dcp stands for something else, what I say next will likely be irrelevant but if not then unfortunately I'm not aware of a solution to your problem and that is for the following reasons:

I've never heard of a DCP that is a single stand alone file with .dcp as it's extension, my understanding from memory is that a conversion to DCP means starting with a playable digital file which is then converted to a image sequence, whose files are converted individually in to jpeg2000 files which are wrapped in to MXF media along with accompanying mxf soundtrack(s), these files are placed in a specific structure of folders on the media it's written to along with accompanying xml documents which act as instructions for media servers in a theatre to playback the different media files in their respective folders in particular ways depending on the contents of the xml documents.

if that is the case, I'm not aware of a specific workflow for doing this process in reverse however if you can somehow split the mxfs that wrap the individual jpeg2000 frames back in to separate files perhaps you could use final cut or after effects or avid or something to import them as an image sequence and import the accompanying soundtrack fikes and then finally export them together in to one file. However if you somehow managed this you'd be faced with another issue which is that you'd need to find some way around the fact that the jpeg2000 images in the DCP have been encoded in to the XYZ colour space which will not playback correctly on a computer monitor or even much computer software (probably not final cut for example) which would mean having to first perform a conversion of all those images in to a different colour space and most likely (for compatibility's sake in the image sequence importing stage) a different image file format (either with a accompanying quality loss or large disk storage cost), first. The XYZ colour space is a larger gamut than rgb which is what you'd likely have to convert those stills to, which itself is a larger gamut than than the rec709 standard you'd likely encode the video file in to so you'll be losing quite a bit of colour detail. Additionally, this procedure (if somehow possible) will likely take a great deal of time on your average computer and a great deal of space, and it's worth pointing out that this could be an especially important cinsideration if the DCP is 4k or something greater (not sure if the standard allows this yet) as you may lack the resources fir the undertaking depending on what you have available, also Final Cut will not work with files if that frame size so you'd need to either use software that can, like davinci, or add ab additional conversion step to your image sequence of resizing the images, depending how that's done you could see quality losses there too.

Hate to be a downer but if what you're dealing with is indeed a digital cinema package I'm not sure what you're doing is possible (within practical bounds). Even with theoretical means I described there's a lot of ifs and I'm not sure of any known process for doing those things. If however what you have is an actual single file with the extension .dcp and it's some obscure file type I'm not aware of rather than a digital cinema package, then maybe wbat you ask is possible. Either way, good luck.

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Roger Poole
Re: mov from .dcp file
on Aug 12, 2015 at 11:38:00 pm

A very comprehensive answer from Jimmy. The movie distributers resisted moving from film to digital distribution for many years, long enough to find a method which was proof against piracy. Without this, the latest blockbuster would be knocked out by backstreet duplicators the very next day. Safe to say, it can't be done.

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