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About General Errors and Backdoor or Workarounds? FEATURE LENGTH

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Singleton Makin
About General Errors and Backdoor or Workarounds? FEATURE LENGTH
on Feb 14, 2014 at 10:00:17 am

Hello my nightmare started when I realized I couldn't create another DVD in DVD STUDIO PRO!
My files had been abducted by (Life, Acts of GOD, the CIA…just kidding)

I am seriously trying to finally wrap up on a long edit of a feature film that has taken me years.

I know I made the mistake of upgrading to a NEW OSX ….and a NEW FCP (this project started at v3) with MATROX RTmac codec! still haunting me with hidden errors pooping up about wrong codec needed MATROX HARDWARE, use DVCPRO, instead or seek the distributor. I am pulling my hair out!!!!!!

I am about ready to just video tape the tv screen with an old VHS copy !!!!!! that is how tired I am of FCP7

It reeks of havoc and hinderances… forgets when I link project media files and SAVE the damn file and again once I reopen it after saving a copy and a copy copy…. I get the same HOOPS and LOOPS to jump through……OH BOY THIS IS FUN!!!!! FINAL CUT PRO is really DONE!!!!

I thought that was going to solve the problem with the MATROX issue…!!!!!

It still thinks I have MATROX CODEC media even though the MEDIA is PRORES 422HQ!!!!!

I am trying to NOT START OVER…..but it looks like I am going to have to just go to SMOKE or AVID

because this is kicking me in the balls more than I think it is really worth all the AUDIO and FX and ADR and crap…..I have done on this project….locked the reel only to find it will not RENDER OUT….

Is there a way I can just take the actual FILM NEGATIVE and cut it with SCISSORS and TAPE? that would be much more effective than having to RELINK MEDIA FILES with a PARKINSON's DISEASED FINAL CUT PRO SYSTEM FILE……

ok enough….

rant is over….

Please is there anyone that has the wisdom and the balls to know how to kick this project in the GONADS?

I have tried finding the corrupted files……
I have tried copying and pasting to a new sequence….
Maybe there is a DEMON in my SEQUENCES that thinks its name is GENERAL ERROR????????


I'd rather be writing or shooting movies than trying to pump this thing back to life!!!!

But I have to I must…or I will seriously DIE.

Its not about me anymore……it is the people involved in the project.
They deserve it to be seen and I have to get it finished…..

But for the life of me, I feel like it would be much easier to just START OVER and FILM SCAN from the 16mm negatives…….

any ideas?

I would greatly appreciate the support…..

sincerely ,

J. Singleton Makin

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Shane Ross
Re: About General Errors and Backdoor or Workarounds? FEATURE LENGTH
on Feb 14, 2014 at 5:04:43 pm

Do you have any stills in the project? And you said that you replaced ALL the Matrox codec footage with ProRes footage, right? Have any imported graphics in an odd codec?

I think FCP 7 is kicking you in the nads because you started on an older system that was tied to hardware and a codec that ONLY works with that hardware, and updated it. Rule of thumb is to never ever update mid project. It always causes headaches, no matter what NLE you are on.

Little Frog Post
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Singleton Makin
Re: About General Errors and Backdoor or Workarounds? FEATURE LENGTH
on Feb 15, 2014 at 11:32:58 pm

Well that is a good rule of thumb to not upgrade, but in my case it was computers that had become obsolete meaning they were POWER PC running OS9, and that was during the OSX crossover….and the whole WALTER MURCH showing us how it could be done thing.

Basically I have had several phases of this project.
If I had started or shot this project today? I wouldn't have these problems.
but the history of this project is the problem.

I started editing on an AVID FILM COMPOSER renting it $800 a week for a suite. I was lucky that my wife had flown on a plane with a guy that just happened to be a AVID ASSITANT EDITOR…not an EDITOR, but an ASSISTANT EDITOR ….he taught me the difference. He didn't want to be an EDITOR, just the ASSISTANT, putting things in ORDER. And that he did GOD BLESSED ME. His name? DAVID BULLER. He is a HERO and will get accolades once this project is complete and if and when it makes any money I plan on sharing residuals of any kind with him, just as I had promised the actors a 1% of the net….yes the net, but I am not trying to screw these people and DISTRIBUTION has changed. NO LONGER do I have to be a SLAVE to the DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM. Or DO BUSINESS with the INDUSTRY, yet. that can come later, on other projects…..but this one has a special omen in that it is supposed to be GIVEN AWAY FREE! the story in the movie is about GIVING to LIVE and if you KEEP, HOARD, COVET, or do anything that is a quote un quote 'sin' then the characters DIE a HORRIBLE DEATH.

Ok…..enough pitch. back to the story about POST PRODUCTION.

When I finished on the AVID I thought I had a locked picture. I have a BETA SP of a version of the film that exist. However, upon realizing that everything seems to come in threes…….THREE ACTS, THREE DEATHS, THREE PLOT POINT….THREE whatever…

I had to actually write this screenplay THREE TIMES……yes….once on paper HAND WRITTEN… lost……couldn't find it….I know….it is an omen………or a curse… I put it on GOD and said, ok it must have not been that good anyway…so I need to put it on SCREENPLAY FORMAT like they do in HOLLYWOOD…problem was I didn't know about FINAL DRAFT this was 1995 and I had a MAC that you could carry like a suitcase? you remember that kind? has a monitor little monochrome?
Well I wrote the thing using WORD PERFECT I think as it had a word processor on it or maybe I used NOTES I don't even remember…..doesn't matter…..I was a traveling photographer and that was a side project at the time……

Then just as I am about to print the thing off? the hard drive CRASHES……yes I know I was supposed to back up? I didn't know that lesson yet… after taking it to CREATIVE COMPUTERS in SANTA MONICA where the techs were very helpful=NOT! I don't even think they tried to get the contents off the EXTERNAL DRIVE…..because basically all I got was what was on the INTERNAL DRIVE of the SYSTEM on a ZIP DRIVE that I was sold by the salesman at the time……I still have that ZIP DRIVE….it still WORKS….
I am just upset that I wasn't intelligent enough to realize that what I had been given was a basic SYSTEM install CONTENTS with programs…..and nothing else…..doesn't matter…..did they USE DISK WARRIOR? or DATA BACKUP? I don't think they were even available then……only HARD DISK TOOL KIT by oh I forget the name…

So eventually I got a screenplay software and a PERFORMA COMPUTER with AVID SOFTWARE ON IT…..I didn't realize it wasn't AVID MEDIA COMPOSER on a QUADRA is what I needed……I was getting AVID CINEMA some freeware from the GOOD GUYS……does anyone remember THE GOOD GUYS in BEVERLY HILLS? at the BEVERLY CENTER? yup…..that was where I bought it.




AUDIO was bad and in some places needed to be totally CREATED from SCRATCH… I bought a USED MAC PRO 7100 with a DIGIDESIGN 442 card running 3.2 PROTOOLS software……..from CHRIS VRENNA of the NINE INCH NAILS……yes I was so proud that he had talked me out of buying the lame AUDIOMEDIA CARD with 2 stereo RCA inputs…..I didn't even have Nubus or PCI ports on my PERFORMA.

I got a working PROTOOLS WORKSTATION and that is what I used it for, nothing else.
ADR - AUDIO DIALOG REPLACEMENT GALORE…….I had all my actors listen to their parts from the dat tapes I created a LOOPS in PROTOOLS so they could hear themselves and then parrot PHRASES small just as they sounded …..and with the right direction, we made it work 100%…..well, except one poor old LADY who was just a professional, and had finished a short at USC, and here I was putting her in a HOT DARK CLOSET with a TV on the FLOOR looking UP and HEADPHONES and a MICROPHONE…..and surrounded by BLANKETS…….SHE worked a little time,,,but wasn't getting it right……
Eventually she had had enough….I don't blame her…….SHE SAID " GAWD IT FEELS LIKE A COFFIN INSIDE THAT CLOSET!!!!" and yes….I guess the older you get the more you hate the idea of being in a coffin so I agreed! She had done her job, in the end, I realized that the ACTOR MATT BASFORD standing in as SOUND GUY for me that day on a quick shoot of this little scene with the GRANDMA ……worked at KCRW and was all about SOUND! I was blind director…..with a TASCAM DAT MACHINE that had impedence set at THREE LEVELS…..There goes that number again THREE!!!!! but you see it was three for me at first….the dumb TASCAM MANUAL only showed TWO…..they didn't SHOW the IN BETWEEN area that was leveled for -10 db……so basically MATT BASFORD corrected the DAT recorded PROPER AUDIO…..and then put it back the way it was before because he thought I knew what I was doing……and indoors… really was about setting the levels….and the guy doing that job……was an air head…who? OH ME!!!!! and camera too! go figure! but I had a good person holding the boom mic! oh the HORROR of INDIE FILMMAKING!!!!!! before everything was so easy!!!!!! …well……not a audio professional…..I didn't know you should get an AUDIO PROFESSIONAL…I was too busy trying to emulate ROBERT RODRIGUEZ and step by step just like WALTER WHITE and JESSE in "BREAKING BAD" on AMC …cooking METH…….I was following ROBERTS METHOD STEP BY STEP…..I highlighted his BOOK, his journal REBEL WITHOUT A CREW…….which in my case I think I am going to re-write my version and it will be called "REBEL WITHOUT A CLUE" because I did make mistakes that others most probably wouldn't have……but in the end I was really under budget and ready to be creative as possible to edit the film.

AVID I already explained.

I walked out of there

Started to PROTOOLS from an OMF file……I corrected EVERY THING POSSIBLE and LOCKED IT….
I still have those files today…….ready and waiting to be married to the final result……


Final CUT PRO was a NIGHTMARE because I was using PEAK by BIAS for SOUND DESIGN and AMBIENT NOISE or the important stuff I think should be in the EDIT…….while you are EDITING……
I had PROTOOLS but that was on another machine……LOCKED…..but that computer couldn't do FINAL CUT PRO….

SO in FINAL CUT PRO I was convinced I could work with FILM SPEED AUDIO in a VIDEO SPEED environment.

Now here is the part that I stumped most people and it will still stump most people today because they have not a clue about the difference between FILM SPEED SOUND and VIDEO SPEED SOUND from telecine at 29.97

Yes I cut on a FILM COMPOSER
Yes when I was working with PROTOOLS it was LOCKED down to 24p like there was no tomorrow….

It was only once I BLINDLY IMPORTED My SEQUENCE from a friend over the internet who I can't even remember because it was on a Yahoo group……I am sorry, that guy deserves credit too…..but I just forgot… was in the email……someplace….

But the FINAL CUT PRO and RTMAC by MATROX worked great!!!!!

Until you tried to actually EXPORT the FULL MOVIE

Oh you could play it back in sync……and every time you stopped the space bar… would be in sync again……for the SMALLER SCENES or SHORT FILMS within the FILM as I will call it…..

It was just upon the EXPORT out as a MASTER with everything TIED TOGETHER did I learn about the DRIFT……..and here is the reason I failed and had to wait until FINAL CUT PRO was release at 24p and could handle a 24p or 24 frames PROJECT via CINEMA TOOLS REVERSE TELECINE……

In the DRIFTING VIDEO SOUND VERSION……IT DRIFTED because I corrected the offset by a trick I learned from an AVID EDITOR……he said CHANGE the SPEED in the FCP settings to 99.9% and everything will be in sync…….AND IT WAS! for VERSION 3……..

But My film was not LOCKED AT THAT TIME…….I still had much SOUND DESIGN and other work I was doing like CREDITS and working with a COMPOSER, actually several COMPOSERS……all of them will get credit for their MASTERFUL WORK in their PARTS of the MOVIE……yes it was done with MULTIPLE COMPOSERS…..and why not!? who says you have to only have one? HOLLYWOOD? BULLSHIT! MOST COMPOSERS with BIGGEST NAMES IN HOLLYWOOD have GHOST COMPOSERS Working for them that NEVER SEE THE CREDIT~ but they get paid!!!!!! that is a another DEBATE for a another time…….

But I was having the problem once I upgraded to FINAL CUT PRO 5

The problem was not found out until I was trying to figure out this drift issue and my composer showed me that my clips were playing back at STRANGE FRAME RATES and that nothing was PURE……

that was my first read flag…….but the composer scored for me so I could edit it in LATER….so he didn't have to LOCK TO PICTURE…..

nor did my GERMAN COMPOSERS…..they just WATCHED the SCENES and WROTE and COMPOSED and DESIGNED as they pleased…..gave it to me, and let me figure out how to RE-RECORD it and MIX it…..

I was trying to be like WALTER MURCH my hero still to this day……

But I was at a conference and I asked the APPLE REP about this DILEMA and he was stumped….I wish I had asked it at a FCP USER's GROUP as they would have been stumped too and I would have won a prize!

But what it ended up being was a PROBLEM with QUICKTIME the UPDATED VERSION and HOW it HANDLED SPEED CONTROL…

WHY was it any different? I have no idea? ANALOG SYSTEMS do not CHANGE like SOFTWARE VERSIONS DO…..but we have all learned that APPLE MAKES CHANGES and doesn't give a flying f*** about anyone hence the FCP X release and the BRAINWASH ERASED YEARS of NOMENCLATURE and TERMS and VOCABULARY that was taught in UNIVERSITIES, was suddenly made obsolete…….like the ANTI-CHRIST would do to try to really mess with his subjects…..because …..well, YOU MUST THINK DIFFERENT….

and so DIFFERENT it is……


in fact upgrading to that might be just the solution for this failed attempt at madness……

I am NOT GOD, and sometimes I forget that point….and DIRECT things as if I was running an EMPIRE…..another WALTER WHITE reference…..

So at this end I am just perplexed about how to take things seriously with FCP or FCS
Because there are things that will work in iMOVIE that would not work in FCP7 because the settings are not set right…..hence the problem…..


So how is it that STARTING OVER is easier than trying to fix a problem or problems?

It is about the ENJOYMENT of FILMMAKING………with this fiasco and my fathers death, I lost the passion to FINISH THIS FILM. And so I WAS CURSED just like the CHARACTERS in the MOVIE who KEPT THE BOX…..I WAS and STILL AM KEEPING THE BOX not GIVING IT AWAY!!!!! the STORY the MESSAGE AWAY!…….there are 8 SHORT FILMS EACH with an important MESSAGE in them…..
IF YOU ARE INTO POPCORN AND ENTERTAINMENT MOVIES….no ETHICS……nO POLITICS? then this might not fit you……but actually it does because it is a COMEDY MACBRE all people like to LAUGH….and especially at DARK SUBJECTS that we are normally uncomfortable laughing about hence we seem insensitive or unpolitically correct. This film is a CONTROVERSY. And it will HELP PEOPLE more than it HURTS them……..


I pray I will finish……..and give it away….and for those of you that read this post thank you because you are kind hearted and actually had some time and patience on your hands and really wanted to 'empathize' with the writer……instead of just ' being jealous' or 'snarky' like so many are these days in the world where we feel we don't have to take responsibility for our actions ONLINE…….because we are somehow ANONYMOUS…..or ESTRANGED is rather a better term…….WHEN WE SAY SOMETHING TO OFFEND PEOPLE just to make ourselves feel a little bit better? it is just the very same as if you were pointing a GUN at someones head and pulling the TRIGGER. HATRED is a SIN. LOVE is granted for those who ACCEPT……and I am just a humble servant trying,…………..really trying hard……not to be the TYRANNY of MAN. (QT homage sorry I just had too 8-)


J. Singleton Makin

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John Pale
Re: About General Errors and Backdoor or Workarounds? FEATURE LENGTH
on Feb 16, 2014 at 4:14:39 pm

Lasso your sequence in its entirety. Drag the clips into an empty bin. Sort by the compressor column. Do any still say Matrox?

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