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Blu Ray replication for Independent Feature

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Brendan Nagle
Blu Ray replication for Independent Feature
on Feb 1, 2012 at 1:46:33 pm

Greetings Cow'ers,

I'm not a stranger to the forums, but this is my maiden post. Fingers crossed.

My small Post-Production team in Rochester, NY has just begun work on our truly independent feature film, The Essentials. Besides supervising the various departments, my big responsibility now is to make sure when March 16th hits, the movie actually plays at the premiere. We'll be getting HDCAMs made for festivals (or so I believe that's the best method at this point), but for now, I've got to get some temporary screener Blu-Rays made. I don't want to hire out, if possible.

I've edited this thing on a high-end MBP (last version before the unibody) with Final Cut Studio 3. I'm a pro in Final Cut... except with the tools I haven't used yet. And after some digging on here, it sounds like I can actually burn BD-Rs right from FCP? I have a basic understand of DVD Studio and Toast, but I'm software savvy enough to pick-up and learn whatever it takes to get this done.

So... what's best way to take a 90min feature and put it onto a single BD-R? We shot on a Panasonic GH-2. The full, hi-res 1920x1080 final cut will be about 90GB. I don't know the H.264 conversion rate, but I'm guessing the default Best setting will leave it small enough to fit on a 25GB BD-R (at least in file form). However... is the data size different than video size, as is with burning DVD-Rs? If so, what settings should I be aiming for? Bit rates and technical jargon beyond this is where I get a little fuzzy, but I'm open to everything.

Any disc brands to avoid? Pitfalls or perils along the way to be made aware of?

I'll be burning, at least these early discs, on the Mac rigs back at my film school. Whatever burners came stock in those machines, I assume. I'm hoping to land an external burner over the course of this project. Any suggestions?

Bottom Line: What's the best way to put a 90min 1920x1080 HD film onto a single layer BD-R?

Sorry for the long post... I figured more details was better than less. If you want to catch the Teaser, check it out here:

Brendan Nagle

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Chris Tompkins
Re: Blu Ray replication for Independent Feature
on Feb 1, 2012 at 6:43:24 pm

Do u have a bd-r drive in your comp? Laptop - no.
But, simplist way is from fcp create bluray. It will make it fit to disc.

Chris Tompkins
Video Atlanta LLC

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Rafael Amador
Re: Blu Ray replication for Independent Feature
on Feb 1, 2012 at 7:02:38 pm

These maths are not much difficult.
You have 25GBs disk, so 25.000MB available.
Then you have a 90 minutes movie, so (90x60) 5.400 seconds of movie.
You divide the memory by the time and you get how many MB you can assign to each second.
That is 25.000/5.400 = 4.629MB/s.
Then you know that 1Byte = 8 Bits, so 4,269MB/s = 37.037Mb/s

So you could set a data rate of some 37Mbps (37.000Kbps).
This is for video and audio, so if you allows good audio quality you discount some data rate from that (up to the quality you want).
You must have in to account as well that 25GBs BR disks don't have really 25 GBs (50GBs BR disks have less than 47).
So I you could try with a data rate of some 30/35Mbps for the 90 minutes H264.
That's the preset data rate in Compressor for BR.
Duplicate any H264 preset, and in "File Format" chose BR.
Export with the values you'll get ther and bring the H264 to Toast (you need a Toast plugin for BR).
Don't let Toast recompress.

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