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Possible new user of FCP

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slobodan milivojevic
Possible new user of FCP
on Aug 18, 2010 at 10:37:46 am

Hi guys!

I know this is a probably most times asked question, but let's fire it again!

I am a long year PC user, and I have mastered Windows, PC video hardware and Adobe production premium - I can work with my eyes closed...

Watching at job posts I noticed that 90% of studios are looking for experienced Final cut/Color users, so I was thinking of getting a new Mac book pro with Final cut studio and to start to learn Final cut..
I think basically its the same and that I will adjust very fast, but I need advice - is it worth it really?
Is it more better/stable than Adobe Cs5? Any of you moved from Adobe to Final Cut?

Please advise, tnx!

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eric pautsch
Re: Possible new user of FCP
on Aug 18, 2010 at 11:41:07 am

Its worth it to you since that's what everyone seems to be using. I'd say they are about the same as far as stability goes but FCP was way ahead of premier in functionality until recently.

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David Johnson
Re: Possible new user of FCP
on Aug 18, 2010 at 12:03:53 pm

I wouldn't say I've "moved" from Adobe to Final Cut, but can still offer opinions since I've used both for quite a few years now and still do on a daily basis.

The fact that I haven't "moved" relates to my main thought on your question ... I wouldn't think of or approach it as "moving", but as expanding your tool set ... especially since you seem to be asking in terms of marketability / employability, which in my opinion, is the only worthwhile reason to consider it (as opposed to the common questions of to either work faster or on a more stable system).

On that last point, in my humble opinion, both platforms and NLEs are pretty much equal nowadays, although each, in both cases, has its own unique pros and cons. So, it's really about your specific needs, wants and skills. Some will argue that one is faster or more stable than the other, but that hasn't been my experience. I've deduced that hasn't played out the way some folks said for two reasons: 1] about speed, I've found most comparisons to be of apples-to-oranges type (a MacPro compared to a $500 Dell or HP) 2] about stability, while it's true that maintaining clean / stable Win systems requires more diligence since there aren't many viruses, etc. aimed at Macs, I've found both occasionally have their issues and 95% of those issues are user-error (obviously not a number from controlled scientific study). By the way, traditionally, NLEs were kept away from the internet so that was much less an issue, although few people seem to do that now.

When you encounter folks who want to sway you in one direction or the other, you might ask yourself (or them) how much experience they really have with each NLE and platform (ie, did they really work in Adobe for 10 years and try out FCP once for a week (or vice versa). Both are great software packages that are widely used in our field so you simply can't go wrong having both in your tool set.

You're right that FCP is very common and knowing it will most definitely increase your marketability. At the same time, you'll probably find that it'll be a while before you master both a new platform and new NLE to the level you've mastered the others so I'd recommend against letting your skills on one side slip as you study up on the other since I don't suspect Adobe is going away any time soon either (don't forget marketability / employability).

Again, I say these kinds of things as someone who has worked on both platforms and with a dozen or so different NLEs for nearly 20 years now so I have no loyalties to any platform or NLE other than need-specific strengths. Personally, neither Bill Gates, Steve Jobs nor Adobe's founder pays my bills or has done anything else for me. In other words, you won't get any platform or NLE wars, nor unfounded biases from me. However, I haven't forgotten that you posed this question in an Apple forum so, if I've offended anyone, I apologize.

I hope you find my long-winded opinions helpful. Good luck!

There are some related comments worth reading in this string: Particularly, COW founder Ron Lindeboom's second post about half way down the thread.

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Rafael Amador
Re: Possible new user of FCP
on Aug 18, 2010 at 12:49:02 pm

Whatever the application you run, I think you will enjoy the new platform.
Fallowing some basic maintenance routines, your Mac will be rock solid.

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slobodan milivojevic
Re: Possible new user of FCP
on Aug 18, 2010 at 3:19:06 pm

Thank you guys,

I am really looking forward to constantly upgrade myself...Right now I am not so hardly involved in daily editing and post, currently I work as director/creative/postproduction manager in production house, but lot of times I have to sit myself to do/redo some part, or to show my editors what and how to do something....As I am very strong in Adobe and even 3ds max (with lights and camera setup and rendering) I can't say that tomorrow I will be able to deal with some team of Final cut editors and Color graders when I go to some other studio, or decide to freelance again....
My opinion is if I am their chief I have to know things equal or better then them and to deal with every problem that might happen in production process..
That is why I want to learn and become familiar also with FCP/Color combination, and somewhere in my mind I think investing in one Macbook pro and FC studio now will be a good thing for my future progress...
Also, I think I will look "cooler" with Mac :)

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Rafael Amador
Re: Possible new user of FCP
on Aug 18, 2010 at 3:34:59 pm

[slobodan milivojevic] "Also, I think I will look "cooler" with Mac :)"
At least you will keep your head cooler.

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