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exporting PAL DV movie to NTSC

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ian haig
exporting PAL DV movie to NTSC
on May 18, 2010 at 2:22:54 am

I have a DV PAL movie in my timeline in FCP I want to export as NTSC, I have put an interlace filter on the movie at lower fields because if I don't and I make he movie I get field problems and I get the sawtooth interlace look on certain movement. The PAL DV movie looks fine. When the NTSC movie with lower fields using the interlace filter is exported it looks ok, but comes out as 25 fps instead of 29 fps even though I selected 29 when exporting it from FCP ? will this movie look ok on dvd playing back on a TV in the US, even though it is 25 fps and it wont have any field issues ? as it plays back ok on a PAL TV ?


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ian haig
Re: exporting PAL DV movie to NTSC
on May 18, 2010 at 5:35:37 am

I have a question I was hoping you may be able to help me with.

1. I have a DV PAL movie made from Final Cut Pro, I needed to send this on DVD to the US, so I actually used TOAST and re encoded the DVD as NTSC which was probably a dumb thing to do, it made an NTSC dvd, most of it is OK, however on certain bits of movement I get a sawtooth look, which i assume is a interlace or field issue. I see this when I play it back on a PAL TV, MY DV PAL movie plays fine.

As I have sent a number of these DVD's off to the States, will this interlace/sawtooth problem appear on TV's in the US ?

2. When making another NTSC movie from my PAL DV, I put a shift field filter on my PAL DV movie and put it to LOWER and when I exported this new NTSC movie it played this what I should do ? what is the best way to export a NTSC movie from FCP should I be using compressor ?



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Stephan Walfridsson
Re: exporting PAL DV movie to NTSC
on May 18, 2010 at 7:23:48 am

This question has been answered many times before. When you have a question try searching the forums....

But to answer your question: YES you need to use Compressor or a conversion plugin such as Nattress Standard Conversion to achieve a good result.

Read this thread:

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Payson Mathewson
Re: exporting PAL DV movie to NTSC
on Feb 21, 2011 at 8:57:47 am

I need to make an NTSC version of my PAL 25fps Doco to send to the USA - make a DVD copy to send.
Can this be done in FCP? or in Compressor? I have tried several things to date with not joy:
Exported sequence as NTSC DV but frame rate didn't change and there was interlacing line issues in QT movie version.

Created new sequence with settings: NTSC 29.97 fps etc. then copied and pasted PAL project into new sequence - then exported as QT movie to make DVD in iDVD - but no joy, still issues with edits being out of sync, etc. due to fps changing to 29.97.

Can I export to Compressor? the only problem here is that I can't create a DVD in iDVD with movies exported from Compressor.
I have read the questions in the forum by Mariana Sussekind from Nov 25, 2009 - sounded confusing and sounded like I need a third party standards conversion software package??? There must be a simple way to do this?

Any help appreciated.

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