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fcp 7 and mpeg 4

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Greg Pilon
fcp 7 and mpeg 4
on Sep 27, 2009 at 4:28:25 am

I have a red project with a 23.98 timeline. We are bringing in some mpeg 4 clips that are exported for 23.98. It seems fcp 7 is doing a weird pulldown, that adds some dup frames so are digital dollies have a noticeable studder. Anyone else experience this?

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Matt Lyon
Re: fcp 7 and mpeg 4
on Sep 27, 2009 at 6:59:50 pm

What was the original frame rate of the mp4 clips and how were they converted? It sounds like the problem might have been introduced in the conversion stage. Maybe you need to reconvert the media to 23.98 using a higher quality motion conversion? (eg. optical flow algorithm)

Matt Lyon

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John Fishback
Re: fcp 7 and mpeg 4
on Sep 27, 2009 at 8:30:55 pm

Make sure you use 23.976 not 23.98 when entering the frame rate. Many apps (AE for example) produce the exact framerate you enter. 23.98 is just shorthand for 23.976. FCP calls 23.976 23.98, but it is actually 23.976.


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steve knattress
Re: fcp 7 and mpeg 4
on Feb 7, 2010 at 1:20:59 pm

I have a similar problem with FCP7 duplicating frames on MPEG-4 imported material, but I am in PAL 25fps.

I have many hours of cycle headcam Mpeg-4 material which plays fine in QT 10 and 7 pro. (on an esata raid connected to an express34 card on my macBook Pro.)
It is reported as MPEG4 Decompressor (libavcodec), 720 x 576, Millions Microsoft ADPCM, Stereo, 16.000 kHz at 25 fps.
If I import this to FCP7 I can view it without problem in the viewer.
As expected I get an un-rendered red line when I edit sections into a 25 fps timeline. (I have tried Pal 25fps DV and prores timelines)
If I however render this I get two duplicate frames every 13-14 frames giving a definite stutter to the edited material.
If I use QT7 Pro to export the whole of one of the mpeg-4 file to a 25fps DV .mov the resultant movie runs fine and I am able to edit it into the timelines without a problem. The resultant file is also much bigger
Obviously I could convert all of my clips before import, but there are tens hours of material from which I require very few seconds.

Has any one any idea why the render stutters when all files should be 25fps?
I really would like to select my clips in mpeg-4 and then render only that material in the final timeline.

Thanks Steve

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Rafael Amador
Re: fcp 7 and mpeg 4
on Feb 7, 2010 at 1:24:58 pm

Hi Steve,
Mp4 is not an editable codec.
To avoid problems, transcode your footage to any other codec that FC can manage.
That's the usual workflow with the H264 from the DSRL and so.

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steve knattress
Re: fcp 7 and mpeg 4
on Feb 7, 2010 at 1:33:37 pm

Yes I realise that Mpeg4 is not an editable codec that is why I am dropping it into a prores timeline and trying to render it to an editable one.

My idea was to compile the clips I should need in mpeg4 then only convert/render those.

I just do not understand why QT can convert the file to without any problem, but FCP cannot do the same when rendering part of the file from the timeline.

I really do have tens of hours of footage of which I only need a small percentage for the edit.


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