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Dan ArDOWNGRADE from MAVERICKS to 10.8.4
by on Nov 2, 2013 at 5:07:36 pm

Hi, so I just purchased a brand new macbook pro laptop and have discovered Mavericks will not work with Avid Media Composer - one of the main reasons I purchased the computer in the first place. I'm looking for options to downgrade back to 10.8.4. Has anyone done this, experienced this? I've been told I could boot up the computer from another drive, wipe the laptop drive completely (including the recovery partition) and then reinstall 10.8.4. I'm looking for opinions and or guidance. Should I make a bootable mavericks drive prior to doing anything? Will any of this void the apple warranty or applecare?
Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Bob ZelinRe: DOWNGRADE from MAVERICKS to 10.8.4
by on Nov 2, 2013 at 7:32:39 pm

use a Mac Pro. (borrow your friends, or from work). Build a new OS X 10.8.4 drive, in a "toaster" from OWC (75 bucks or cheaper). Make sure you set the drive to be GUID partition in the Apple Disk Utility before you build the new drive.

Plug this drive with your USB toaster into your MacBook Pro. Reboot, select the USB drive (the SATA drive in the toaster) to be the startup disk (System Preferences). The computer will now boot off the USB drive. Open Apple Disk Utility - reformat (erase) the internal boot drive - actually partition it - then using a clone program, copy the entire USB drive over to your internal drive in your MBP.

Install AVID

Bob Zelin

Bob Zelin
Rescue 1, Inc.

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Wm DayRe: DOWNGRADE from MAVERICKS to 10.8.4
by on Nov 4, 2013 at 11:42:09 pm

If the new mac came with 10.9, it may (or may not) have hardware that requires drivers not in 10.8. If you post the model number, we might be able to tell whether 10.8 would work or not before you investing the time trying only to find out it is a no go.

A quicker safer alternative to get a mac that runs 10.8 is to take your new 10.9 mac back to the Apple Store, and ask if you can return for full credit towards a macbook-pro that will run 10.8, such as refurbished one from Apple on-line:

The refurbs from apple come with same warranty as a new one. I would not bother with applecare, but if you already paid for it, ask that it be transfered as well.

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Dan ArRe: DOWNGRADE from MAVERICKS to 10.8.4
by on Nov 7, 2013 at 5:34:04 pm

Right, understood on all. I don't have the model number handy but I know the vendor stated that it cannot be done. Any advice on whether to try to exchange it for the previous generation retina macbook pro vs holding on to it and waiting for media composer to come up to speed?

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Will DayRe: DOWNGRADE from MAVERICKS to 10.8.4
by on Nov 7, 2013 at 9:45:37 pm

Admittedly, unless your apple vendor is willing to offer full-credit, it would be a hassle to trade it/sell it and get a macbook known for sure to work with 10.8. Contact the software maker for an ETA on when it might work with 10.9.

If you are going to wait for the software update, and have a few hours to burn, you could actually try this:

1. Disk Utility > Partition > shrink the 10.9 boot-volume (probably "Macintosh HD" to free up maybe half the disk, or at least say 40-60gig.

2. After shrinking, hit (+) to add a second empty volume, and name it "108tobe".

3. Do a clean install of 10.8 onto the "108tobe" volume, leaving the 10.9 volume untouched.

4. Try booting 10.8 by holding down the option key during power up to choose whether to boot 10.8 or 10.9. To keep things sane, when using 10.8 un-mount the 10.9 volume, and vice-versa, using Disk Utility.

If 10.8 runs at all, or at least well enough to use, you could stick with that until the software runs in 10.9. You'll quickly see if the missing drivers are major items, like video or 802.11ac wifi, then 10.8 may not run well enough to use.

If the software runs on windows, then maybe boot-camp to windows instead of 10.8. Ugly though.


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Nicolas HelmRe: DOWNGRADE from MAVERICKS to 10.8.4
by on Nov 14, 2013 at 1:10:09 pm


Have you managed to Downgrade your MAC OS X 9 version?
I have not succeeded. I can not boot from the previous OS Maverick.

If you have a solution, that would be great!

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Dan ArRe: DOWNGRADE from MAVERICKS to 10.8.4
by on Nov 27, 2013 at 11:20:32 pm

I had no success in attempts to downgrade. However I discovered a really weird workaround which allowed me to run Media Composer on the new macbook pro laptop with Mavericks.

I copied Media Composer from my OLD laptop to the NEW laptop using Migration Assistant and copying the applications folder. Then accidentally discovered I could successfully run media composer off of an external hard drive that was a clone of an existing 10.8.4 system.

So I decided to partition the hard drive on the NEW laptop. Partition 1 was OS X Mavericks PLUS the applications folder copied over using Migration Assistant (including Avid Media Composer). Partition 2 was a copy of the 10.8.4 clone I had in my possession which already had Avid Media Composer.

Launching Avid Media Composer off of Partition 2 works. I have no idea why, but I'm running with it at least until Avid says they support Mavericks. Hope this helps anyone else having similar issues.


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Brian CooneyRe: DOWNGRADE from MAVERICKS to 10.8.4
by on Nov 20, 2013 at 11:17:55 pm
Last Edited By Brian Cooney on Nov 20, 2013 at 11:19:00 pm

Not sure when you bought the rMBP, but you may be able to get in on a full credit. I just purchased one yesterday and customer service told me I had until January 7th to return it for a full refund. Christmas return policy, etc. That surprised me. Maybe you fit into that window.

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