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What color profile to use on my monitors?

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Craig Ricker
What color profile to use on my monitors?
on Oct 9, 2012 at 5:58:50 am

So one of my monitors was showing different colors and I found it was set differently to its twin, i.e it had a different color profile set.

So my question is, if i'm making videos destined for the web, how do I know that others are seeing my videos in the same way I'm viewing them when editing them?

Is there some generic color profile most monitors use?

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Curtis Thompson
Re: What color profile to use on my monitors?
on Oct 9, 2012 at 5:13:57 pm


if you're doing video for the web, i honestly wouldn't worry about color profiles just because your work will be seen on setups that you have absolutely no control over. things like lighting, monitor quality and type, etc., will have an impact on colors and presentation that you won't be able to overcome...

a vast majority of people would look at you with a confused puppy dog look if you asked them what their monitor color profile was anyway, so i'd just make sure that it looks good on your own setup and call it a day.

that's my $.02, of course... :-)


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Jose Angel Lago Leiros
Re: What color profile to use on my monitors?
on Oct 25, 2012 at 9:24:05 am

Hi, in my old school days, some teacher tell us about "audio quality control" on the studio control room... so he insist on we used the best headphones we can... and make signal process to get the best possible sound... If we hear it well... the audience do it too... if they don´t have good speakers or amplifier... doesn´t mind... you are getting them the best possible quality...

So for the video it´s the same... you must work with the best possible monitor and of course if you are working in a hd video editing tool, you must use hd701 profile, IMO... in the same frame size aspect ratio an fps mode from your timeline.

I think it´s the best way to do our job, always in the best quality... after our job was done... we export in the required format for web tv... make a quality conversion... and just it.

(Sorry on my english spelling)

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