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Can I just move my Hard Drive to another computer?

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Andrew WilsonCan I just move my Hard Drive to another computer?
by on Dec 30, 2011 at 4:17:55 am

I've got a job coming up where I'll be editing at the hotel where we're staying. I have one of the original 8 core mac pros (2,1 - I think). Still running 10.5.8 because I don't upgrade until I have to. This is my money making machine. Anyway...

There isn't really room in the budget to ship my workstation and checking it on the plane isn't really an option either.

BUT, we'll be in a place where it's easy to rent a mac pro for the few days I'll be there.

Is there any reason why I can't just clone my start-up drive, take the clone in my carry-on and plug it into the rental? Does anyone know if Final Cut Studio, Adobe CS5.5 or Cinema 4D are licensed to the hardware code of the computer?

Any problems with this plan?

Andrew Wilson
WestView Digital Video & Design

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John DavidsonRe: Can I just move my Hard Drive to another computer?
by on Dec 30, 2011 at 9:42:50 pm

FCP isn't, but CS5.5 is - however you could probably install a trial on the rental mac, assuming that no one has installed it on the rental machine before. Also, you may run into issues with Leopard drivers on your old HD not working on a newer mac pro. I'd say that's a pretty risky way to handle it.

Maybe it's time to invest in a macbook pro.

John Davidson | President / Creative Director | Magic Feather Inc.

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Fred MillerRe: Can I just move my Hard Drive to another computer?
by on Jan 6, 2012 at 7:51:52 pm

We do it twice a year. Check your options when renting. You can probably spec a Mac Pro that is exactly or close enough that the switch is pretty easy. Most of the mac pros available for rental are a couple years old. We even bring our Kona 3 card and use it to capture live video during a show. Keep an eye on the video card that comes with the rental to make sure that it will function with an older OS. The adobe software can be a bit tricky, so have time planned to work out the kinks before your actual edit. Bring all key codes and dongles(yuck) for software and all your install disks just in case. If you have pre-edited projects that you plan on finishing on site, make sure you media manage them properly onto an external drive for the trip.

FCP Studio 2
Dual 3Gg Quad Core
OS 10.5.8

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