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G5 crashes in SLEEP mode and FCP now defaults to medium playback quality

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Christopher McDonell
G5 crashes in SLEEP mode and FCP now defaults to medium playback quality
on Jan 29, 2010 at 6:47:14 pm


I don't know if the two are related, but I've posted several times in the FCP forum and have yet to find a solution to my problem. After moving to a new residence, and switching internet providers (just saying), my PowerPC G5 suffered a kernel panic and all has not been well since. I can no longer put the computer to sleep - it freezes in sleep mode every single time with the FANS blaring up! And worst of all, FCP is no longer allowing me to play HDV in high quality - defaulting to medium with the high setting greyed out.

I would really really appreciate some help as the computer is no longer under warranty and I have this nagging feeling that this is still fixable.


...After cutting with HDV 1080p 30 in a timeline of the same for nearly 2 years, and with no playback issues at all, I now find myself with the "High" quality setting greyed out. I've also had several kernel panics, with fans running during sleep mode, and can only assume, but am unsure, that the two are related. To briefly summarize, I've erased the OS, reinstalled Leopard from scratch, reinstalled FCS 2, tested before upgrading (at FCP vs 6.0.4), and also with latest updates, reseated the RAM, reset the VRAM and PRAM, bought NEW RAM (tried with various placements, between 2 GB and 4GB), and even bought a new external harddrive - and have of course tested with no peripherals connected, including that drive or internet. I also took the computer into a local Apple Store where they tested it for 2 days, finding nothing wrong! I showed them that "High" is greyed out, they recognize my problem, but they simply have no answers for me -- other than to suggest that MAYBE it's the processor.

HDV 720p plays High Quality and seems to be the bar. Anything above that, HDV 1080p 30, or ProRes, doesn't. And just to reiterate, IT DID less than 3 weeks ago for almost 2 years.


With the help of David Ross Weith (of this board), I tested the speed of my external hard drives using an AJA app. These were my results:

file size: 128 MB
NTSC 25 - Write: 51.5 MB/s, Read: 59.0
1920*1080 8 bit - W: 68.4, R: 78.9

file size: 1 GB
NTSC 25 - W: 51.3, R: 59.4
1920*1080 8 bit - 69, R: 78.8

Someone then suggested that these numbers are low and this is my problem. However, the drive is brand spanking new (Lacie d2 Quadra 1TB) and my old one gives the same readings - and that's what I was using for 2yrs without issue. It should also be noted that when I trash FCP prefs, and open a new project without any drives attached - using the HDV 30p easy setup - my High setting is STILL greyed out.

When rendering yesterday, I wrote down the numbers from iStat Pro:

Active: 1.7 Gb
Inactive: 46 Mb
Used: 1.92 Gb
Free 2.03 Gb
Swap: 64 Mb
Pages in: 51,275
Pages out: 0

Does this raise any flags? Shouldn't FCP be using all 4 GB's of RAM, especially while rendering?

There is also an error message I keep seeing in the console that repeats itself every minute or so while I'm not actively on the internet:

29/01/10 9:39:27 AM kernel { 41 810400} UniNEnet::restartReceiver

I've found several posts related to this (which appears to have arrived with the OS 10.5.8 update), no solutions, and I honestly have no idea whether it has any bearing on my problem anyway.

Many many many thanks to anyone who responds with suggestions or help!!!


2 GHz PowerPC G5, 10.5.8, 4 GB DDR SDRAM, FCS 2

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