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adrian sustaita10.4 x os installing problems
by on Dec 22, 2008 at 12:01:26 am

Hi all hope someone in this forum can help me out a PowerBook G4 went south this morning out of the blue and i can't installl the tiger x os (10.4) anymore, here are the facts:

*when i run the installer it goes well up to the middle of disc 1 then it quits and gives me an error message saying:"there were errors installing the software" nothing else.

*the discs are the original ones that came with the laptop, i let the
scan for the DVD run and comes up fine.

*i ran the disk utility app on the hard drive and comes up with no problems

*i reset the ram already com+control+p+r several times

*i had this laptop for 3 years and it's been a pain to say the least this is like the 5th time i have to re-install the os

*i ran the the hardware test and it FREEZES when the logic board test is in progress

is it maybe that the motherboard is fried?, should i just get rid of this piece of crap and forget about it? any ideas would be really appreciated, sorry about my frustation but i don't feel like spending my christmas dealing with the way i love macs this is my 6th mac since 1996 just so you know i'm not a new mac fan
Thanks in advance

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Zane BarkerRe: 10.4 x os installing problems
by on Dec 24, 2008 at 5:50:43 am

Honistly the best thing I can recomend is making a appointment for the genius bar at the apple store. They have some things they can try to see what is causing the problem. Like booting from a external drive etc.

There are no "technical solutions" to your "artistic problems".
Don't let technology get in the way of your creativity!

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Adrian SustaitaRe: 10.4 x os installing problems
by on Dec 24, 2008 at 6:05:56 pm

Thanks Zane for your's the part of the story i forgot to tell you (cause' i didn't think it was relevant) my problem was created by an automatic update called "security 2008-008" from the apple site, not only made my computer crash but also created a panic kernel, so be aware of this problem....seems that i you save the installer and run the update from your computer nothing happens but if you run in from the apple site chances are your hard drive is going to get screwed if you guys want to find out for yourselves here's a thread

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