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Jeff ScottLoooooong Start-up....Normal?
by on Mar 7, 2008 at 6:17:35 pm


I have a new Mac Pro 3.2G 8 core with 16G of non-Apple RAM. It came loaded with the dreaded Leopard which I've updated to the latest version. The moment I press the power button it takes 3:30 min to start the beast up. Is this normal? I thought I was moving up in the world from a Pinto to a Porsche. Granted, once it's up and running it does scream. Could my non-Apple RAM be the culprit?? It's from Trans-Intl.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks! Jeff

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Zane BarkerRe: Loooooong Start-up....Normal?
by on Mar 9, 2008 at 6:52:39 am

[Jeff Scott] "dreaded Leopard"

Leopard is by no means dreaded. I actually prefer it by for over any other OS I have ever used.

[Jeff Scott] "Could my non-Apple RAM be the culprit?"

Most definitely it could be, bad ram can cause all sorts of problems. Also your ram my not be installed properly, there are vary specific ways ram needs to be installed on Mac Pros, ant it can be different depending on the model of Mac Pro.

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Mitch IvesRe: Loooooong Start-up....Normal?
by on Mar 10, 2008 at 2:51:56 am

I also have a new machine. I find that after installing 10.5.2, that both the 8-core and the MB Pro take a lot longer to boot up... it's way slower than 10.5.1 was... and that was before I put in the 3rd party ram, so it isn't the ram...

Mitch Ives
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Matt DoeRe: Loooooong Start-up....Normal?
by on Mar 10, 2008 at 3:10:12 pm

Not sure of your drive set-up, but I ran into a long start-up on my quad 3.0 ghz mac pro, 6 gig 3rd party ram, when one of the 3 non-system drives I had in RAID 0 was on the way out.

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