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John NelsonWhy Me, Lord?
by on Dec 24, 2007 at 2:18:56 am

Since my G5 is getting sicker by the day (can't open some apps, can't even sign on in the apple forums or some email accounts) I'm very open to thoughts and suggestions on what to do for remedy (other than wipe the drives, start over and drink lots of coffee while waiting)...

Happened shortly after my visit to Appleville, where I went to solve another problem of not being able to open Iworks. After several hours and several 'helpers' it was finally suggested I reinstall Tiger, updates and, wa-la!, problem fixed! Well, it did fix the Iworks problem but left a few more, mainly a non-working photoshop, compressor and Safari (so far, anyway).

All help greatly appreciated.


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Chaos WranglerRe: Why Me, Lord?
by on Dec 26, 2007 at 9:15:48 pm

First Fix your permissions (Disk Utility) then do a safe boot (restart holding down the shift key)
if this doesn't work download the latest OS (combo) update for the version you are using and reinstall it.
I cannot offer anymore advice since I do not know what software, processor, etc. that you are using.


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John NelsonRe: Why Me, Lord?
by on Dec 28, 2007 at 9:15:02 pm

Thanks for your reply.
I was recently asked to reinstall OSX 10.4 along with the .11 update by Apple tech support for a problem I was having with IWorks. In doing so, it fixed the problem but possibly caused a lot more. I was unable to open Compressor or Photoshop and, for a time, unable to access the Apple online forums. I reinstalled Compressor and Photoshop after deleting everything I could find with those names in apps., prefs., etc. Now Compressor works but in trying to burn the results in DVD Studio Pro I was unable to do so. Photoshop still does not open. I saved the error logs for both and can provide them, if that would help.

G5 Quad, Tiger 10.4.11, 500GB HD, 320GB HD, 4GB RAM, FCS 5/updates included, Photoshop 7/updates included, After Effects 6.5/updates included.

Update: Wiped the big drive last night as that's where everything was. Copied as much as I could to the small drive. Reinstalled from the system disk and started downloading the .11 update. This morning my screen said 28 days left for downloading the 181mb file! After several bad words, I stopped it and started it again. Left for work, came back and the time remaining was moving up as the kb/sec. moved down. So much for high speed DSL. So here I sit with a half empty drive, no update, unable to reload any programs since they require the update, and pondering the benefits of fountain pens, paper and stamps (lost my email too and don't remember the 'secret codes' to find it again).

Any thoughts?

Thanks again.

Make money (and love, of course) not war...

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