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Marcus IonisMacPro: Hanging on Shut down
by on Nov 28, 2007 at 6:47:05 pm

I've had some issues w/my Mac Pro from "shutting down".
Since it's been online, I've noticed on occasion the computer wont "shut down" and hang on the blue screen. Until I physical force quit the machine, it will shut down.

After this happens I'll generally Zap the PRAM & Rebuild permissions in safe mode, just for safe measure.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this and could add any direction.

Thank You for Your Time.

Marcus Ionis

MacPro 2x2.66 Ghz Dual-Core
4gb of RAM
OS 10.4.10
Caldigit S2VR 3.2TB

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Gary MilliganRe: MacPro: Hanging on Shut down
by on Nov 28, 2007 at 6:39:47 pm

Unless you have a specific reason not to update, OS 10.4.11 is available - that may help, but quite honestly, I don't know for a fact that it will. You might also try disconnecting the CalDigit and any other external peripherals and run it that way for a while to see if you still have problems. Did you install anything around the same time the problem started?


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Marcus IonisRe: MacPro: Hanging on Shut down
by on Nov 29, 2007 at 5:14:07 pm

Thanks Gary for Replying

I've thought about the upgrade but prefer doing more research before I get myself into a pickle. On a semi related topic, I've had problems w/the CalDigit drives from the beginning. Primarily with the drives not booting on start up on a semi regular bases. Have to restart or repair permissions and/or zap PRAM. I believe the drives might be hanging my "shut down".

CalDigit Tech support gave me two possibilities "It's probably an OS 10.4.10 vs 10.4.08 or reformat the drives" Overall the Tech Support Rep prefer 10.4.08 and was pointing his figure towards the 10.4.10. Additionally when we originally installed the drives, I had Tech Support walked me through the phone on formatting the drives for KONA3 card. It would be greatly inconvenient to move all my media and reformat. I'm thinking it's their "driver" but may have to move this topic over to the CalDigit forum.

I did send an e-mail to CalDigit support about 10.4.11 and asked about their support for it. So far no reply.

Otherwise, things work when they work but these annoying issues just slow my mornings down.

Any more input would be great.



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Gary MilliganRe: MacPro: Hanging on Shut down
by on Nov 30, 2007 at 7:25:14 pm

Hi Marcus,

Once I finish writing this post I'm going to begin work on setting up my replacement CalDigit S2VR HD 5TB unit which finally arrived just last evening. I too had a problem with the drive from day one which I attributed to a heat issue. When I first got the unit and set it up as per the instructions (a fairly straightforward and easy process), I was mystified by the S2VR Configuration Manager always showing a system fan warning. The fan was definitely working - more fan noise was something I was trying to avoid in my set-up but I guess it unfortunately can't be avoided when we start dealing with high performance drives. Over the next couple of hours I left the unit powered up but idle and periodically opened the Manager to monitor the temperature. At one point, as it approached 60?, I was unable to open the Manager at all, so I thought I would do the old standby and repair permissions and verify disk - and saw that the unit didn't show up in the list of drives. So I then tried opening the disk window from the finder and watched the spinning beach ball for a couple of minutes before deciding that yes, something is definitely not right. Time to restart I thought - except I couldn't do that either! Had to do a hard quit (hold the power button until the system shut down). Re-started and things seemed okay for a while but because the temperature was still up there, it wasn't long before I got a repeat of the system freeze. I then left the CalDigit powered down (to give it a chance to cool) and restarted - everything ran normally. Later in the day I repeated the exercise with the same results - a system freeze. I contacted CalDigit tech support and after a few questions & answers, they had no hesitation in arranging for a complete replacement unit for me. I should know in a few hours if my problem persists- I'll let you know how it turns out. I did notice during all this that the Configuration Manager is a PPC app. I suspect this may have something to do with it- especially since you mentioned CalDigit tech support was pointing towards OS versions. When I was asked about which version I am using (10.4.11) there was no indication that it could be an issue. Hopefully they're coming out with a Universal version soon.

Good luck with your problem - I'm crossing my fingers for seeing mine resolved.


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Gary MilliganRe: MacPro: Hanging on Shut down
by on Dec 2, 2007 at 3:50:05 am

Hello Marcus,

My first thought was "Here we go again!... strike two for CalDigit.". After setting up the S2VR HD unit and powering everything on, the drive did not even show up on my desktop. Needless to say, I was starting to think I had wasted $. However, in the end it was another case of operator error.... it turned out to be an improperly seated cable between the hard drive and the card. Things now appear to be working as they should. The unit ran for a few hours without the temperature going above 34C. As an experiment I then added the original drive into the mix and within a couple of minutes the temperature reading for that one was above the replacement unit and continued to rise... and the S2VR system fan displayed a "warning"... definitely a defective unit.

So the short story is... CalDigit came to the rescue for me. Hopefully they'll correct your problem as well before too long. Good luck.


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