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by on May 2, 2007 at 2:27:49 pm

Hi everyone,

My first apple computer was a g5 2.7ghz, 4gb ram that I bought two years ago. On it I have successfully finished editing my new documentary film, I've edited music videos, commercials and etc...I am currently in the middle of editing a brand new feature documentary film....

I still have a lot of different projects for different, already finished sequences, a lot of subtitle tracks (the film is in Japanese and I have invested a lot work synching the subtitles with video tracks), a lot of rendered files folders, constant frame folders (don't really know what those mean), and precious audio capture folders. All this material is spread equally across my internal Mac hd data disk, some of those also on my Mac hd system disk, and my 2 external g-raid fw800, 800gb (they're chained) in the scratch and different project folders....For the purpose of my upcoming documentary feature I have captured and edited over 100 hours material. Therefore I have an awful lot of precious scratch folders, rendered material and project files.

Due to the upcoming final cut studio 2 and the option of having pci-e port I've decided to make a switch to the macintel quad 2,66 ghz ((since octo core didn't meet my price performance expectations)....Since it is my first time to make a switch from one computer to another I face a big challenge, how to backup and safely make a transition from g5 to macintel pro and continue working without too much hassle on my new Macpro.

My g5 2,7ghz had two internal 400gb disks (total 800gb) and two chained fw g-raid 800gb disks (total 2TB).....The new Macpro will have 2TB of internal disk and I have ordered also an additional Lacie fw 800, 2TB disk, which mean that my new total of disk will be (4TB), btw I will still keep the additional 2 g-raid disks (which mean my new total = 5,6TB). I also own a small 2TB raid disks, from a company called macola (uses infiniband connection and when full read/write app.= 250mb/s, I am very happy with it, more info on: I will get higher performance benchmark as soon as I switch to pci-e) but I intend to use those on speed critical missions such as finishing my hdv shot documentary in an uncompressed hd 10bit mode (intend to the grading in apple's color)

So does anyone has any advice on how to make a safe transition from one computer to another, how to backup files, how to transfer crucial and vital files and making sure everything is there and nothing is missing on the new computer.

Your input is more than welcome... and if anyone is interested in the trailer for the documentary Honeymoon that I finished not long ago and that will distributed soon across all USA, please feel free to check the trailer at its official site...

Best regards


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by on May 2, 2007 at 5:00:11 pm

Hi all,

Got all the info I needed on this subject from a couple of very resourceful members over at the final cut pro forum...this thread can be basically closed...

Best regards

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