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nickohornymac trouble
by on Nov 14, 2006 at 5:06:53 pm

Hello, I have a mac G5 brand new - only 2 months old direct from shop, i installed CS2 and i have alot of difficulty running the software. Photoshop runs very slow (even without other apps on) dreamweaver locks and i have to quit. Its a nightmare, i re-installed it and the same problem persists. Alot of the time on photoshop, i click on a layer and it clicks way down the bottom of screen instead?? basically not recognising where im trying to hit, this then means i must quit the programe and restart. This happens on a daily basis. Please help. Thanks.

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Curtis ThompsonRe: mac trouble
by on Nov 14, 2006 at 7:11:38 pm


i would toss out that while it is not typical cs2 behavior, it might be the software and not your mac. no so much the specific copy of the software (assuming it is a nice legal shrink wrapped copy), but rather some soft of conflict between it and some other plugin, etc. on your mac...

have you tried any cs2 or adobe help forums as well?


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Jeff CarpenterRe: mac trouble
by on Nov 14, 2006 at 7:13:40 pm

I usually don't suggest "wipe the hard drive" so soon, but if this is really such a new Mac you probably don't have much personal data on it, right? I suggest getting your files off of it and starting fresh.

Put the OS X disc that came with the computer in the disc drive and re-start holding the "C" key. Once it boots, find Disc Utility and erase the Hard drive with the Mac Extended format (Journaled).

Then use the CD to re-install OS X and go from there.

If this was a computer you've been using for months it might be worth tracking down the problem, but since it's so new it may be impossible to figure out the one single thing that's wrong. Most trouble-shooting involves examining recent changes to the can't do that since you haven't had it long enough to have a history with it.

I'd just start fresh and see if that works. If it doesn't then I'd say a hardware problem is likely and you should contact the store you bought it from and get a replacement.

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Jeff CarpenterBut First...
by on Nov 14, 2006 at 7:16:28 pm

But before you do any of that...

Have you tried a different mouse? It sounds like it could be an issue with the actual mouse. That's not likely, but worth checking.

Also, make sure you click the Apple menu and run System Updater. I'm sure there are many updates that aren't on the CD your computer shipped with.

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Chuck RetiRe: mac trouble
by on Nov 15, 2006 at 5:51:53 am

If it's only really 2 months old, is it really a "G5" or is it a MacPro? Sorry to ask the obvious, but many people still refer to the Mac towers of recent vintage as G5's even if they're Intel boxes. If it is a MacTel then your CS2 would be running under Rosetta. Some users report slow performance in this cicrumstance, patiently awaiting Adobe's 2007 release of Intel native CS.

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