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Hey guys! Please help me get online lol

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LouisHey guys! Please help me get online lol
by on Oct 9, 2006 at 5:38:00 pm

Hey guys!

This is driving me crazy lol. I have a Mac Pro thats over a week old and I still havn't been able to get it online. To make the story super short the people at the mac store near my house have absolutely no clue about what they're selling. I've been trying to make an appointment at the "genius bar" but it's either been full or I've had work. So I have an airport extreme card that I was first told I didn't need, then told wouldn't work, then told would work, then told I could install myself and theeen told I couldn't! haha and I also have some peice of junk external wireless unit from comp usa that doesn't work. I'm so super fed up I just want to return both and buy something that doesn't need the "genius bar" to install, just something I can plug in and hook up to a wireless network, do you guys know of anything like that?

I'm super sorry for the sob story it's just so incredibly frusturating I feel like I'm loosing my marbles.

Thank you for your time,

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Tony!Re: Hey guys! Please help me get online lol
by on Oct 10, 2006 at 3:01:28 am

The easiest way to get online is to simply plug an Ethernet cable between your Mac Pro and your DSL or Cable modem (which should already be plugged into the wall and configured by your ISP). Then get the settings from your cable or DSL provider to enter into your Network system preferences (Apple Stores won't know this info, it's up to your ISP to give you it). It's pretty simple and should only take a couple minutes to get you online this way. You may want to run a router between the modem and the Mac with a firewall if added security appeals to you (OS X also has a Firewall option built-in that can be turned on the system preferences).

If you want to go wireless with your tower (slower), then you uplink your Airport Base-Station (or other brand wireless router) into your cable/dsl modem. Your Airport Extreme card should have been installed in your Mac Pro already if you ordered it with one (if not, you have to pay Apple to install it - its not considered a do-it-yourself install). You can then run the Airport setup assistant found in your Utilities folder. If you use a non-Apple wireless router, then you'll have to contact that company or read their manual for help setting it up. Either way, its normally quite easy to do, but its up to you to get the info from your service provider (they should write it down for you when they come to install their modem).

Also, if you're having trouble with a Network internet connection you can click on the "Network" system preference and then click on the "Assist me" button and OS X will try to help you find any connection problems and resolve them.

I guess the bottom-line is that I wouldn't blame Apple for not being able to fix a problem that uses third party equipment. Either way, you'll have to get your ISP's help to put in the correct info as they are the only ones that know what you need for their service. If you do make an appointment with a Genius, then make sure you bring all your ISP's info as well as your user name and passwords. They still won't be able to test it out for you as they are not at your house and won't know how your cable/dsk modem and routers are configured. Calling your ISP is your best bet as they can talk you through the setup over the phone.

Good Luck,


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LouisRe: Hey guys! Please help me get online lol
by on Oct 11, 2006 at 3:46:38 am

Hey Tony!

I can't thank you enough for your awesome reply! lol, I am finally online and I love my mac again! haha

Thanks again

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