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Clever Apple ads ... and the flow-on effect.

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Post ManClever Apple ads ... and the flow-on effect.
by on Aug 15, 2006 at 11:21:56 pm

I assume most of you have seen the new series of ads for Apple. If not, they're at:

Simple but clever, I reckon. I really liked them.
They draw a lot of positive comment, which I think is deserved.

I came across someone who also liked the ads, but at the same time was uninmpressed by the content in this article:

In balancing the two, he was inspired to make this spoof:

It is offered here for your interest only; I have no barrow to push, either way.
As far as spoofs go, I thought it was well done, and I wondered how long it would be before I saw one.


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RennieRe: Clever Apple ads ... and the flow-on effect.
by on Aug 18, 2006 at 6:08:57 pm

[Post Man] "In balancing the two, he was inspired to make this spoof:"

... do you think they made it on a mac?

[Post Man] " but at the same time was uninmpressed by the content in this article:"

The one interviewee stated their longest day was 15 hr. yet the spoof sounds like all shifts are 15/7. I wish my longest day was only 15hrs. I used to think I was self employed but after seeing the new mac pro I realize that I too work for mac, and aja, panasonic, sony,.... Unlike the factory worker, instead of adding a few nickles to my pocket at the end of the day I'm going deeper in dept.

We can point our fingers at Apple but if we look at out hand to see where the other 3 fingers are pointing we can see they point squarely at ourselves, the consummers who are fueling all this industry. It's not just Apple, if you look at the shoes on your feet they are probablly made in China. One interview I heard (with an actual worker) they worked 10hr./6day shifts. This worker was very happy as it was better than anything she had had up till then. They saved about 1/2 their monthly income which was more than their father earned and supported his familly with annually back in the country living off the land. The chinnese industrial revolution is steamrolling along, about 1000 peasant farmers are recruited a day to work in factories while the back country rice paddies are flooded to make way for the worlds biggest power dams. Wait till these workers are issued credit cards and earn enough cash to get their own place to start collecting stuff. They may find themselves longing for those moments in the sun sifting through the rice paddies for a meager bowl of rice breathing the clean fresh country air and listening to the birds sing. It's kinda like George Orwell's "Animal Farm", same game, just different players.

"they take paradice and put up a parking lot" Joni Mitchell

"everything is broken"

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