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Rich RubaschMacBook
by on Aug 5, 2006 at 1:48:37 am

My niece is going back to college and she has her eyes on my G4 iBook 15 inch. It is pretty much loaded with RAM, wireless, bluetooth and Super Drive. I own a small video production company and want to get a Macbook Pro, but what is the schedule for processors in these machines? Are they going to change to new architecture before year's end? Sooner? Later?

I would run the FCP Studio, Office, the Adobe apps and a few others...Filemaker etc. Am I going to be screwed with Universal compatibility with some of these apps? I hate to give up by very useful and nicely configured iBook only to have a brand new Mac Book that won't run most of my software.

Any suggestions welcome.

Rich Rubasch
Tilt Media

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Jeff CarpenterRe: MacBook
by on Aug 5, 2006 at 2:42:51 am

First, wait and see what happens next week on Apple's web site. Lots of new upgrades may be announced, so wait until next Monday night before deciding anything for certain.

But even if the Macbook Pros DON'T change I would still suggest one. I have been very, very happy with mine. As long as you get the newest version of Final Cut (5.1) then you will have the universal version of that. If you have an older one, search the Apple website for "crossgrade Final Cut." It's fairly cheap to upgrade right now. Pretty much all Apple software is Universal now.

All Microsoft and Adobe products are not yet universal. The new versions of their stuff is probably coming out in 2007 and will be new versions, in other words: paid upgrades.

But the current versions will run just fine on a Macbook Pro. Yes, they suffer a slight speed-hit because of it, but a Macbook will be MUCH faster than your old iBook is. So even if Photoshop is slower than it could be, it's still faster than it was on your old machine. I use Photoshop on mine and it's perfectly usable. I'm looking forward to when I can upgrade it and get a speed boost, but at the moment I have no trouble using it at all.

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Rich RubaschRe: MacBook
by on Aug 5, 2006 at 3:01:28 am

I thought I'd heard that changes could be niece is anxious to get her hands on my iBook and I'd love to let her have it...just want to be sure.

So, as for 15 or 17 inch, other than size here are my thoughts. The 17 has built in firewire 800, and of course the bigger screen. I have a very nice bag for the 15 inch iBook which I could still use with the 15 inch MacBook Pro. So, other than firewire 800 and the screen real estate, what would I be missing with the 15?

Actually, just priced them and the only other thing I saw is that the 17 comes with the 8X dual layer super drive, but I could get an external firewire for the 15. No significant speed differences.

Now if Apple changes everything next week then all bets are off and my niece waits a little longer or hits ebay.

Rich Rubasch
Tilt Media

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