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Problem connecting to XPmachine at work using GoToMyPC on MacBook Pro

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Steve Martin
Problem connecting to XPmachine at work using GoToMyPC on MacBook Pro
on Aug 3, 2006 at 1:15:13 am

I just got a new MacBook Pro 17" and am having trouble logging into the the computer at my office (Dell - XP Pro). I've used the service for quite some time now so it's not that I am new to the web based service.

Here's what happens:
I sign into my account at the website with my username & password without problem. The website shows that my Dell machine is "on line" as normal. When I click onthe Connect button, the the Safari window resizes (universal viewer?) and looks like it starts to load. However, within a few seconds, I get the spinning beachball of death. I've tried to let it sit there for as long as 10 minutes with no change. I have to force quick Safari because it's "not responding"

Here's what I think I know and the steps I've taken thus far...

I know that the service is working because I am able to log in from my wife's laptop ( HP - Windows XP home) from the same home wireless network that MacBook is connected to. That also rules out (I think??!!) any issues with the wireless network in my home.

I don't believe that there is any inherrent problem using a Mac to log in using the GoToMyPC service since I tried it on several different computers in the Apple Store without any issues whatsoever.

I talked with GoToMyPC tech support and they they it seems like a Java problem. However, it seems that I have the latest Java plug-ins in my Applications/Utilities/Java folder (1.3.1 & 1.4.2). Other than that suggestion they weren't much help.

I called AppleCare and they had me set up a test user account with no other changes to settings, etc... to make sure I hadn't made any inadvertant chages that would affect security - No help. They then had me re-install the OS from the original discs to make sure I din't have a currupted Safari application or something. Still no help and now I have a folder called "previous systems" on my HD taking up 10 Gig. Can I just delete this folder or have I now opened up another can or worms?

I've poked around the security settings in the system prefs panel - but nothing juped out at me as a pssible soltion so I didn't change anything.

I'm at my wits end - I need this to work and can't figure out why it isn't.

Anybody got any ideas???

Production is fun - but lets not forget: Nobody ever died on the video table!

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Re: Problem connecting to XPmachine at work using GoToMyPC on MacBook Pro
on Aug 3, 2006 at 2:44:57 am

I dont know anything about this software but try using a different web brouser like firefox

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Sumner Delaney
Re: Problem connecting to XPmachine at work using GoToMyPC on MacBook Pro
on Feb 17, 2011 at 5:34:19 pm

I was able to follow the below instructions with the assistance of a "GoToMyPC" customer service rep. I chose the Java Script update "8" and it worked like a charm. I hope it helps.
To reinstall Java on your Mac

Click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of your screen to open Spotlight.
Type Terminal and press Return. You can also open the Applications folder, then open the Utilities folder and double-click Terminal.
In the Terminal window, type java -version and press Return. You will then see your Java version number, which may look like "1.6.0_20." Take note of the version number for later.
Now, click the icon in the top left corner of your screen and click About This Mac in the menu.
In the new window, you will see a version number for Mac OS X, such as 10.6.4 or something similar. Take note of the version number for later.
Now, open your web browser (such as Safari or Firefox) and go to
In the Search Downloads field, type Java, the version number that was displayed in your Terminal window and press Return. For example, you might search for Java 1.6.0_20.
In the search results, look for the latest Java update for your version of Mac OS X. For example, you might look for search results like "Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 2."
After you find the necessary update, click Download. Then install the update by double-clicking the file in the Downloads window.
Finally, reboot your Mac computer if prompted to do so.

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