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Joe Murraycopying errors from one Mac to another
by on Jul 25, 2006 at 11:12:41 am

I'm in process of switching out my main Final Cut Pro computer to a faster one, and am trying to transfer about 20 Gigs of files from the old one to the new. Old: dual 2G running 10.4.6, New: dual 2.7G running 10.4.7. When I copy these files (FCP Autosaves, Word docs, Epson DVD print templates, Quicktimes, etc.) from the old Mac to the new one, they show up on the new computer as Unix executable files, UNLESS they already have a suffix like .doc or .mov. I can view the copied files with the old computer via the network, and they appear correctly to the old computer.

If I add the correct extension, the new computer then correctly assigns a file type to each file. But there are way too many files for me to correct them all. It's almost as if the new computer has become a full-on Unix or Windows system and isn't smart enough to recognize proper Mac file type resources within each file.

I've found some posts going back as far as 2004 about this same problem, but no real solutions yet. I have repaired permissions, reset the PRAM, done a safe boot, tried copying files instead of dragging entire folders, and nothing works.

I finally tried using the Create Archive feature to zip the files before moving them from the old to new computer. This does work, but is not a real solution, just a workaround. We typically use a folder on this computer as a transfer dump for large files between our graphics workstations and edit suites, and have not had to go through this extra step in the past. Creating archives of 500 megabyte rendered animation files is not a workable fix.

Thanks in advance for any help-

Joe Murray

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zrb123Re: copying errors from one Mac to another
by on Jul 25, 2006 at 4:35:37 pm

I'm not quiteshure how you are transfering the files from one to the other. I would probably copy them to an external HD them conect that to the new one.

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eyecamiamRe: copying errors from one Mac to another
by on Jul 27, 2006 at 7:02:42 am

Automator the app which is installed with os 10.4 should do this and I'm sure someone here can even explain how. What I would try is the rename action, adding the suffix to all the files you need.

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