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Canon 20D Remote Capture is recently incompatible in Mac OS 10.4.7

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filmasartCanon 20D Remote Capture is recently incompatible in Mac OS 10.4.7
by on Jul 20, 2006 at 6:33:36 am

The remote capture function of my Canon 20D doesn't work in Mac OS 10.4.7 via usb as it had in previous versions. The Canon software is not guaranteed to work in OS 10.3 or later but I'm certain i've used it in the later versions of Panther. I have tried using the PTP protocol that is the obvious first place to go. The camera is able to communicate with the system because images can be downloaded into iphoto. But it is not recognized by Canon's EOS capture software, iStopMotion, or the iMovie timelapse function that I tested at the Apple store on an Intel machine. The really frustrating thing is that the old EOS capture software works with Windows, no problem. Unfortunately I don't have a Windows laptop or access to one. What is it about Tiger that has made the USB incompatible? Is there any remedy? The guy at the Apple store suggested using a USB to Firewire adapter. Is that going to work? I need to use the timelapse function soon for a shoot so your help is appreciated.

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filmasartSOLVED: Canon 20D Remote Capture is recently incompatible in Mac OS 10.4.7
by on Jul 23, 2006 at 11:42:46 am

After countless visits to the Apple store and phone calls to Canon over the last 2 weeks no one seemed aware of the issue. But here is how I stumbled onto a solution.

FIrst, I uninstall the Canon bundle of apps that it comes with and reinstalled from a disk called Canon EOS Digital Solution Disk Ver. 12.1. I believe you can purchase it from Canon for like $20 but they don't make it available for download. But try this solution I'm describing below first with the software you have and the most current updates from the Canon website. Also, before moving on search and destroy any files with the word Canon in them (except your personal files). You're looking for preference files mostly I think.

Now here is the solution I stumbled on in considering the possibility of a different app to do remote capture (real genius idea right): there is an app that you need to download and purchase called Capture One PRO 3.7. Once installing that app it seems to fix the problem, whatever it was, that the Canon software was having with USB connectivity. At the same time Capture One Pro 3.7 is nice for capturing RAW files remotely so check it out for what it is.

In closing, it would be nice if some computer genius out there could run some tests on the systems before and after what I've described and figure out the system files exactly that changed. That way one of you might write a patch and live the praises of the rest of us helpless ones. Just a thought and good luck.

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