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would this be a problem with my drive??

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peterbwould this be a problem with my drive??
by on Jun 13, 2006 at 9:25:03 pm

my mac is cursed!!! i dont know who i could turn to so i turn to you because i dont' know what to do and i was wondering if you could help me.

so here is the problem. I export a final cut project as a quicktime movie off of FINAL CUT PRO HD 4.5 on my power book. and the movie plays fine. I then go to make a data dvd containing the quicktime movie for audio personnel on toast titanium 6. I make the movie compatible for mac and pc. when i finish burning it, i play the movie on my mac and it runs through well, however on a pc, it runs 9 min and 26 sec and then it becomes grey and it glitches and alot of wierd stuff happens. now the wierd thing is that i did a data dvd containing different projects and it is always the same problem and it occurs at the same time,at 9 min and 26 sec, eventhough the projects are of different time lenghts and different audio/video settings. I even went back and burned an old project as a dvd data disc and before it ran fine on a pc but now it begins to have the same problem at the 9:26 mark. so i dont know what it could be. from the time that i have had this problem, a window would report from time to time , midway through the burning and it would read : THE DRIVE REPORTED AN ERROR: SENSE KEY = ILLEGAL REQUEST, SENSE CODE = 0x30, 0x05, CANNOT WRITE MEDIUM - INCOMPATIBLE FORMAT. In the past, i did what i am doing hundreds of times and never did i have this problem, any suggestion??? please!!! would it be my drive, should i go get it checked or would it be toast titanium? because i did reinstall it and it did not help.


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joeRe: would this be a problem with my drive??
by on Jun 13, 2006 at 9:36:16 pm

Are you using the same type (brand) of DVD disc?

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peterbRe: would this be a problem with my drive??
by on Jun 13, 2006 at 10:07:09 pm

i am using a mix of different dvds but for the most part i have been using the same kind. everything from fujifilm to samsung pleomax dvd-r x8, but now that those have finished i have been using no names. I would always bythem in bundles of 80 or whatever the bundle may be. i would encounter the problem mainly with the samsung and the no names(plain white).

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