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Holy Creative Cow, Batman! Dual-Boot program from Apple!?

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Jeff CarpenterHoly Creative Cow, Batman! Dual-Boot program from Apple!?
by on Apr 5, 2006 at 2:07:07 pm

Well, for everyone who wanted to try a dual-boot Intel-Mac system, it just got a little bit easier.

Apple is offering a free program to help you do it! I have to say, I'm pretty surprised. They seemed to act like they weren't going to help people do this.

There's talk of future versions of OS X supporting virtualization (two OSes at the SAME rebooting) and I wonder if this is their way of testing the waters?

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Rich RubaschRe: Holy Creative Cow, Batman! Dual-Boot program from Apple!?
by on Apr 5, 2006 at 6:17:10 pm

What they weren't going to let people do is install the Mac OS on a PC. They never said they would't allow Windows to be installed on their Intel machines.

I wonder if it will allow a dual-boot state with both OS running at the same time, like Virtual PC. I like this option because I can directly copy files back and forth between OS's on the same box.

Think of it....encode with ProCoder on the XP side and author in DVDSP.

Wow indeed.

Rich Rubasch
Tilt Media

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Jeff CarpenterRe: Holy Creative Cow, Batman! Dual-Boot program from Apple!?
by on Apr 5, 2006 at 8:42:15 pm

Running two OSes at the same time may very well be a part of Leopard. No official word on that yet but it's something many computer people are looking at for the future and, well, if there's one company that likes to advance technology, it's Apple. So it's very possible.

This is something chip-makers like Intel are trying to design chips for, in fact. What this COULD mean is that the current Intel Macs will continue to be dual-boot machines while future Intel-Macs would have the hardware to allow simultaneous running of two OSes. Kind of like how current Macs use Core Video technology if the video card is good enough and skip it if they aren't good enough.

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Tony!Re: Holy Creative Cow, Batman! Dual-Boot program from Apple!?
by on Apr 5, 2006 at 9:08:32 pm

This must have been Apple's plan all along and a major reason they switched to the Intel processors (I know about the heat issues with the PPC processors and that was certainly another reason). With Apple being the only company with a duel boot machine, l wouldn't be surprised if Apple's market share skyrocketed over the next couple years. Why would anyone want a box that only ran one OS and couldn't run things like Final Cut Pro? If Apple's dual OS machines are a hit, I'd expect the PC manufactures to be knocking down Apple's door to license OS X for their boxes. Whether Apple will give in to that temptation is yet to be seen.

I always thought that computer hardware (Mac's and PC's) and the OS's (Window's and Mac OS) would become more and more similar as the years went by. It's taken along time, but that is slowly coming true. I wonder if one day, in the distant future, Job's and Gate's will just merge their OS's into one? With them both on the same box, it's only a matter of time before they start using more and more core technology to work better with each other. Not that I expect any merge to happen soon, it just seems inevitable that it will happen eventually. Even if I'm totally wrong, there is certainly some interesting/historic changes happening in the computer industry.


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Jeff CarpenterFor Those Interested
by on Apr 6, 2006 at 9:42:51 pm

For anyone actually interested in all this, I suggest this article:

He argues that Apple wants to make Windows the new "Classic" like OS9 used to be.

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