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Simulate: Camera handheld simulation

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Jeffrey TownsendSimulate: Camera handheld simulation
by on Dec 12, 2008 at 9:24:14 pm

I've just purchased Simulate: Camera in order to approximate a handheld look on certain still images.

I'm having a lot of trouble taming the controls to simply look like the human movements of trying to hold a camera steady. It's easy to achieve whacked-out earthquake effects, someone's-blowing-up-the-starship effects, holy-cow-I'm-having-a-seizure effects, but not the most ordinary handheld feel.

The documentation refers to there being presets, but the only four I can find are all wild and crazy epilepsy-inducing presets. The online documentation does not detail (or even mention) the function of all the sliders (amplitude, etc.).

I've tried a zillion combinations already, but can't come up with anything real-looking. Should I demand a refund, or has someone figured out some magic numbers for this?

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Torley WongRe: Simulate: Camera handheld simulation
by on Dec 30, 2008 at 5:34:19 pm

Jeffrey, what's your host? Pardon for the late reply but I just saw your post. I only briefly tried this plugin before and wished there were more presets.

Later, I ended up finding NewBlueFX's Active Camera, part of their Motion Effects pack ( ) which has GREAT presets, including a very nice handheld one which I've put to use multiple times on shots which seemed unnaturally steady.

There's a trial to see if it's right for you, and while I can't advise you with great expertise on DigiEffects, this option is worth a go!

Disclosure: I later also ended up working for NewBlueFX because I love their stuff so much. :)

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Jeffrey TownsendRe: Simulate: Camera handheld simulation
by on Nov 5, 2009 at 11:43:01 pm

I ended up playing with it more, and can offer these numbers for a realistic but somewhat frantic handheld look:

Amplitude: 0.2
Frequency: 0.03
(I didn't use motion blur for this one)
Zoom To Fit (checked)
Mix: 100

I used it again for a shot where I need to have a still image look like the cameraperson was struggling with a long zoom:

Amplitude: 0.1
All other settings the same.

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