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Using Layer as an emitter in particular

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nader subaihUsing Layer as an emitter in particular
by on Oct 28, 2012 at 7:47:04 pm

Hi Micheal,

First, thank you for your tutorials. Creative and easy to follow.

I have this issue working with particular that I have spent too long to try to resolve and thought to ask the experts.

I am recreating the Tinker bell effect from the peter pan classic. I thought particular will do the job of emitting the little stars "pixi dust" when the talent is flying.

I have tried a number of emitters to try to get the look I need. lights and Layer worked best. Lights needs a lot of work for the 30 mins short movie and I need to create a number of emitters with different settings to cover the entire body. Layer was best in terms of ease and look, especially when combined with "RGB-Size Vel Rot". The problem I am facing is that the entire layer, not the keyed-out and masked talent is emitting, as you can see below with particles over the head and below the feet of talent, which looks wrong especially in flight. I need to only emit behind the talent. I masked out half of the talent body, and still got the same results.

My first question is, can I emit only from the keyed out or masked out talent? second question, is this the best way to go about recreating the effect?

Thanks a lot.


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Mike ParkRe: Using Layer as an emitter in particular
by on Oct 29, 2012 at 12:20:39 am

yes, you can. you need to change the settings in particular under the layer sampling under the layer emitter from "current time" to "Particle birth time". this should clear up the emitting from the whole layer.

as for your second question, the best method is really which ever one works best for your shot. I would try this way first, and if it does not work, switch to another method.



PS, thanks for the compliments.

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nader subaihRe: Using Layer as an emitter in particular
by on Oct 29, 2012 at 7:04:59 am

Thanks Mike,

I hate to say it, but changing the settings to "Particle birth time" made little difference. It might have changed the particle concentration a bit. I masked the layer leaving the feet only, and still particular is emitting as wide as the layer. This is along with "Particle birth time".
Anything else I could try. I must have spent days on this effect alone, so any suggestions or alternative methods would be appreciated.



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Mike ParkRe: Using Layer as an emitter in particular
by on Oct 31, 2012 at 1:40:02 am

did you precompose the layer to which you applied the mask?

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Darius FamilyRe: Using Layer as an emitter in particular
by on Dec 12, 2012 at 2:07:31 am

Hey nader, hopefully you worked it out by now but for anyone who might come across this thread:

As Mike said you need to PreCompose your 'emitter' shape for the emitter to work.

So in your case taking your keyed actor footage, and PreComposing it (resulting in a comp with just the actor on transparent background) should give you the desired effect.

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