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Video Footage Saved from Canon XA10 Flickers and Has Weird Squares

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Lauren Kaiser
Video Footage Saved from Canon XA10 Flickers and Has Weird Squares
on May 23, 2018 at 2:38:21 pm

Hello! I am using multiple Canon XA10s and recording onto SanDisk SD Cards. I am having issues with the video files when I save them in a certain way and I'm wondering why.

This is my workflow and what happens. I put the SD card into a SD card reader plugged into my Mac. I then open the SD Card and I see a folder called Private. After I click Private, I click on an item that says AVCHD, this shows me thumbnails of each video on the SD card. I am then able to double click a thumbnail, which opens the video and then I can save it to my computer, it saves as a QuickTime movie/.mov. This is where I run into trouble. I've noticed that when my footage is saved this way it is often glitchy, it will flicker every now and then or odd pixelation/squares will show up time to time. I've tried opening it in different players, I've imported into different editing programs all to no avail, I don't know why.

When I open the SD cards, I am also able to access the videos as .MTS files, the .MTS files appear to be fine, no weird glitches. Why is this?

I realize it seems that the obvious answer is to just use the MTS files and stop worrying about it, however my footage often gets split up into many MTS files whereas the QuickTime Movies/.mov files allow me to save the entirety of my video as one file which is preferable.

Any ideas why this is happening and if there is some way to save the Quick Time movies without glitches?

Thank you.

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