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Canon C100 MK II vs Panasonic GH5s

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Evan Lindman
Canon C100 MK II vs Panasonic GH5s
on Jan 24, 2018 at 8:41:37 pm

Hello, everyone!

I am looking for opinions.

I am a wedding videographer and I make social media films for businesses, etc. I have two Canon C100 MK Is and a Ninja Blade Recorder (which I love),I am trying to figure out if I should buy a GH5s or not. My original plan is/was to sell one of my C100s to get a C100 MK II, I want to get into more slow-motion video for wedding and social media films. I've had no complaints with my C100 MK I, except that you can't really do slow-motion on it correctly. It will record in 60i, and then you have to de-interlace the footage and I think that the quality does diminish in the footage when doing that (just my opinion).

I like the features on the C100 MKII. It records in a little bit of a higher bit rate and most importantly, it as a high frame rate setting, which I like/need. I just talked to one of my buddies this morning and he said he is selling his C100 MKII to get a GH5s. He gave me his reasons and I was almost sold on it, but I've been doing more research and I've found out that a lot of people really like the C100 MKII because of the features, and it's very comparable to the GH5 (depending on what you're doing). Also, I found out that I would need to get a lense adapter for the GH5s and either a shotgun mic for it or and XLR adapter, which roughly runs it at the same price as a C100 MK II.

With this "4k" age and craze coming about, I don't want to fall behind, but there aren't many devices aside from TVs that display in 4k. And I don't want to get going on file sizes either!

So, I need some advice. Which direction should I go? I hope I listed enough reasons why I liked the C100 MK II, but the only drawback is the price on it. Canons Cinema line cameras really get expensive, and the cheaper route could be a GH5s. Yet again, I don't really want to go away from Canon, my C100 has been so reliable. Thoughts?

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Blaise Douros
Re: Canon C100 MK II vs Panasonic GH5s
on Jan 25, 2018 at 8:07:45 pm

The answer is simple: rent or borrow one and see how you like it! This is an area where no one but you is qualified to answer the question of whether the GH5s is the right camera for you.

Things to consider, in no particular order:
1.) you don't HAVE to shoot in 4K if you don't want to, even on a 4K-capable camera.

2.) the GH5s' 10-bit 4:2:2 codec contains more color data than the C100 Mk II's AVCHD 8-bit 4:2:0 codec.

3.) the GH5s will probably stomp the C100 Mk II in low-light. That could be really useful at a wedding.

4.) But you'll have to sell all your lenses and get M43 lenses, or a Speedbooster for your Canon lenses, or a bit of both, to account for the M43 2X crop factor.

5.) And you'll need to get Panasonic's XLR adapter and a good mike, so factor that into your cost.

6.) but you're not just using the on-board mike on the C100, right? If you are, shame on you, never use the on-camera mike--you should have a shotgun already that you just move over to your next camera. Whatever built-in mike the GH5s has, it will suck just as much as the C100's built-in mike, so what's the difference?

7.) if you want to fly a camera on a gimbal, the GH5s will probably be easier/cheaper, since its small size would allow for a smaller stabilizer.

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