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Losing my mind with crashes from 70D footage

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Brian James
Losing my mind with crashes from 70D footage
on Jun 21, 2017 at 3:59:14 am
Last Edited By Brian James on Jun 21, 2017 at 4:04:39 am

Hi all,

I'm having some of the weirdest issues with footage I've shot on my 70D, and I'm at a total loss. I'm really hoping I can get some help.

I should preface with, I am very well-versed in NLEs, Digital Video, and etc. -- I edit primarily in Vegas and have for over 14 years. This issue has be totally stumped.

I'm currently on Win 10 pro, using a GTX760, plenty of CPU and RAM. In fact, I've had very little issues with Vegas on this system. I shoot on a 70D, typically at 1920x1080 ALL I, and I've shot with the other 1920x1080 setting on this camera as well, to test.

Now, SUDDENLY, I'm getting the most random and senseless crashes I've ever seen in my life.

I shot and imported some video last night, and vegas started crashing. It kept doing it -- crashes on import, just boom. Had to force quit all over the place. So bad, in fact, that I had to just hard power down my PCAudioLabs system and reboot.

I reinstalled -- same issue. Tried with Vegas 12 and 13 (I'm using pro 14 right now) -- same thing. Ok, so maybe this isn't Vegas.

So, I get Resolve 12. I don't know it well, but might as well try it. Resolve will import the footage, but does weird things like randomly saying the footage is offline, or just crashing. I was actually able to do some editing in Resolve, which was all I wanted, to get my project done -- but now even that isn't working.

I've moved the footage to different hard drives, from my RAID array to an SSD dedicated for video -- same issue.

So, ok, this is most likely the footage, but WHAT THE HECK is going on, here? I don't understand. I tried shooting in 1920x1080 with both settings available on the camera -- and I seem to have the same issue no matter what. I've also tried converting the video to a different container, from .mov to .mp4, just to see what happened -- it crashed my converter at about 60% converted.

I don't think file size is an issue here -- I've shot numerous files that are HD and around 4GB each (the cutoff for file size on the 70D), and edited them, without issue, for over two years.

Now, I've shot hundreds of hours of footage on this camera, and edited it without issue. Now this is rearing its head and basically it has ground me to a halt. I simply cannot edit footage. At all.

So, I'm at a loss. I don't know if this is a codec thing, or something else, I'm simply lost. I should note that the footage locks up in VLC media player sometimes, too -- so yes, the footage HAS to be at fault, BUT WHY? I've changed nothing on the camera.

Best I can think at this point is that maybe this is some kind of corruption happening during the shooting, or something else. I guess I can try a new SD card, but the files themselves aren't truncated or anything. I've had this issue now with two different shoots.

It's either that, or this is Windows rot, and I have to just reinstall Windows. I'd REALLY rather not do that, but, I run a company called PCAudioLabs that builds pro audio/video PCs, so I can do it. I just don't want to. I'm also just really confused about why this is happening.

The only other thing I will do to test this is to move the footage to a different PC and see if it still happens. If it doesn't, then obviously, it's my system and I probably have to reinstall Windows. If it does, well, there we go -- the footage is the issue. I'll test that tomorrow.

Anyway -- if anyone has any thoughts at all -- I'd really be open to them. I am completely stumped.

I am going to reach out to Magix as well -- they are a partner of my company, but I don't think at this point that this is the NLE's fault. I think this is either the camera, the footage, Windows, or some combination.

Pulling my hair out,


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Al Bergstein
Re: Losing my mind with crashes from 70D footage
on Jun 22, 2017 at 3:34:26 am

Hi Brian. I hope this is going to be helpful. You've done a great job of clarifying your machine's setup. As to the footage, how big is it? are you editing an hour? more? of footage?

I assume it is 1080p. Perhaps it is card corruption?

How many tracks are you editing? Is this just raw footage you are laying on the timeline?

Are you using EFX of some sort?

Next I wonder about, has *anything* changed or been updated on the last day or two? Did MSFT update some security fixes in the last few days?

Can you replicate it? Go to the exact place and have it crash?

Anything worthwhile in the blue screen of death?

If you can move to another computer that might be worthwhile to do a test rather than reinstall the entire Windows system.

I have to say, I gave up on Vegas years ago because I could not stop it from crashing randomly. I moved to Premiere in about 2013 and have just never had to deal with the kind of crashes that Vegas gave me. The only time I ever experience a crash is a reproducible one with my memory maxed out. Which, by the way, you might want to run performance monitor and see if something is eating your RAM.

I used Vegas with 1080p footage on single or dual timelines. I loved Vegas' interface but the program never seemed stable. My .02. Good luck.


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