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error message from replicator

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error message from replicator
on Sep 19, 2007 at 4:48:14 pm

My client sent our DVD to a replicator, which I authored in Studio Pro, and burned in Toast. The replicator sent me this error message, and said the disc couldn't be replicated. Can anyone make sense of error message?:

VOBU length & number of sectors disagree
The calculated length of the VOBU and the length specified in the DSI field
The length of the VOBU is calculated using the address of the Navigational
Pack and the length as specified in
the DSI field (NV_PCK + VOBU_EA = LENGTH). During the analysis, the
EclipseSuite tools read from the beginning of the VOBU until they reach the
next NV_PCK, which indicates the end of the current VOBU and the beginning
of the next. The EclipseSuite tools keep count of the number of sectors that
make up the VOBU. If the number of sectors does not equal to the length
specified in the VOBU_EA field then this error occurs.
In most cases, this problem has caused playability problems. It is for this
reason that it is considered an error.
This problem is caused during the authoring process and cannot be corrected
in the pre-mastering or mastering. The image must be re-authored properly.
Contact the authoring system manufacturer for more information.

Thanks, Josh

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Noah Kadner
Re: error message from replicator
on Sep 19, 2007 at 6:42:58 pm

I'd go for a different replicator. Some are not setup to handle DVDs authored in DVD Studio Pro. I've had success with discmakers and CD Technical.


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Re: error message from replicator
on Sep 19, 2007 at 6:44:35 pm

I would suggest burning directly from Studio Pro. Toast can do some crazy things. I have seen this error a few times but has mostly been from burning apps (Toast, Nero, etc..).

What version of Studio Pro are you using? Toast version?


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Re: error message from replicator
on Sep 19, 2007 at 6:54:15 pm

As far as a replicator not taking DVD's authored in Studio Pro, I have never heard this. I work at a DVD replicator and do the premastering as well as DVD authoring (on Studio Pro, Sonic Scenarist, and Sonic Creator) and have only had problems with Studio Pro authored discs a couple times and thats because they were from version 2 and below (or burned with a third party burning program). Studio Pro 3 has a couple warnings that come up but do not effect playability, and Studio Pro 4.1 has really stepped it up as far as strict compliance to the DVD spec. Programs that almost always come up with errors are Ulead DVD Workshop, old DVD Architect, Prassi Primo is horrible, and Nero is bad when burning using the DVD-Video setting.


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Max @ Area 4
Re: error message from replicator
on Sep 21, 2007 at 7:41:25 pm

The problem has nothing to do with DVDSP. It was just a bad burn - some data must have dropped out. See if they'll accept the files on a USB drive/flash rather than DVD. Much safer way to go. If they don't, send them more than one DVD next time.

Area 4
New York

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