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Need ideas for lighting design for Peter Pan

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Sarah Kleinhesselink
Need ideas for lighting design for Peter Pan
on Oct 22, 2008 at 4:45:51 am

I've been designing the lights at my high school since sophomore year and now we're on Peter Pan, the second of three plays my senior year. It might be a little more simpler if our stage wasn't only 14' of visible height and we had a fly system. But we don't.

Here's my issues: They fly by using illusions of light. Peter Pan's shadow. Tinkerbell is a light.

If you could give me suggestions of how to do these or where to look for equipment I'd be forever grateful. Also if you know any websites that have picture of their productions of Peter Pan. This isthe non-musical.

I have got to say this a huge thing to be taking on but it finishes about the time I go start scholarships for college and I'm sure they will be hugely impressed. My portfolio is yet to exist. I have pictures and everything. Just not together yet.

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Mark Suszko
Re: Need ideas for lighting design for Peter Pan
on Nov 13, 2008 at 3:06:12 pm

Idea #1: Tinkerbell.
Tirefly LED lights, the kind that are used as valve caps on bike and car tires. Cheap. Easy to find in auto parts stores or the bike department of large chain stores or of course, bike shops.

They come in various colors, and begin to flicker when they detect movement or g-force. Pretty small, but pretty bright, easy to "fly" on some monofilament, no power required, they have their own batteries. The tirefly is about half as big as your pinky finger. Easily dressed up with some craft feathers or leaves and hot glue to look apropriately fairy-like, and the air drag of the feathers or leaves or whatever will help guide it when you swing it around, I suggest a fishing pole and quiet reel. Every time you twitch the monofilament line, it will flash for about 2 seconds.

idea #2: Pan in flight.
My first thought is a Source Four Junior ellipsoidal spot with a custom-made size M insert in the shape of the flying figure, or reversed, the shadow... use gels to add more to the effect. If you had a scroller attachment, you could semi-animate it, sort of. Rosco can custom-cut you the insert but that takes time and money, last time I looked it was a $50 minimum. You can maybe make your own using some copper foil and a PC board etching kit from Radio Shack. You print the shape you want on the foil with a resist chemical, dip it in the acid bath and the acid eats away everyting not covered by the resist. Still not all that cheap, but you could make one overnight at home.

Andy Cidor once published a design for a projector device that runs cool enough you can just print whatever you want with an inkjet on clear acetate and project very nicely without the thing melting. Have to google around for that one.

Idea #3: make your own pan-shaped or tink-shaped filter cap for a $5 laser pointer, and use that from the stage wings.

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