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Avid will not play Slow motion

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philip coccioletti
Avid will not play Slow motion
on Jun 1, 2019 at 3:05:40 am

Trying to import files 59.94 from a Sony A7S camera. Its all slow motion footage. I realize that Avid does not link natively to A7S footage and it is the one camera we must transcode. I transcoded footage through Video Wondershare to apple pro res at 59.94. I played back the file footage and it looks great with slow motion.
I am working in a 23.98 project and when importing the 59.94 transcoded footage... it plays at real time... no slowmotion. I also created a 59.94 project and imported it from there... Same thing... all material is playing back normal speed.
Hope someone has a solution for me.



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Job ter Burg
Re: Avid will not play Slow motion
on Jun 1, 2019 at 1:14:07 pm

When you do File-Import into your 23.976 project, you are converting the framerate during the import, which is not what you want.

When you do a File-Import into your 59.94 project, the footage will import at 59.94 and play back at 59.94, so no slowmotion.

Few options.

If you still have the imported clips in the 59.94 project, go into your 23.976 project, choose File-Open Bin, navigate to your 59.94 project, and open the bin. You can use the clips in your 23.976 project. If you add them to the timeline, they will have a Motion Adapter on them. This causes the clips to still play back at their normal realtime speed, but converted to 23.976fps. If you park on a Motion Adapter and open the Motion Effect Editor (under Tools), you can click 'Promote' in the Motion Effects Editor, and this allows you to change the playback speed.
OR: you select the clips in the bin, choose Clip-Source Settings, go to the Playback Rate tab, and change the setting from "clips's frame rate" to "project's frame rate".

If you no longer have the clips you imported in the 59.94 project, it would probably be best to alt drag the source clips into a bin in the 23.976 project (or bring them in via File-Open-Source Browser). This links to the source clips rather than importing them. You can then select the clips and choose Clip-Source Settings-Playback Rate, and set the clips to slow motion playback. After that, you can transcode them into native Avid MXF mediafiles.


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Michael Phillips
Re: Avid will not play Slow motion
on Jun 1, 2019 at 8:26:07 pm

Regarding A7s footage... here are all your solutions to work with it:


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Dave Schweitzer
Re: Avid will not play Slow motion
on Jun 4, 2019 at 9:57:27 pm

Assuming you have the latest version of Media Composer installed, here's what I recommend.
In your 23.98 project, Link to the 59.94 clips via the Source Browser, bringing them into a bin. Select one or all of the clips and right-click to select Source Settings, then choose the Playback Rates tab. Here you can choose the Clip's FPS of its capture rate of 59.94 for the look of reality or at the Project's FPS of 23.976 which will give you a very smooth, very slow playback.
If you decide you want to bring these clips into your Avid MediaFiles pool, select the clips and enter the Consolidate/Transcode process. After selecting Transcode, make sure to select Keep source's frame rate which will ingest all those frames captured during the shoot. Once transcoded this way you will still have the option of selecting either the Clip's FPS or the Project's FPS from the bin, giving you slomo or real-time playback.

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