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Can't relink moved AMA clips

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Jimmy See
Can't relink moved AMA clips
on Apr 2, 2019 at 6:34:02 am

I cut an opening title sequence constructed of compressed exports of the full show. I knew I'd have to switch drives multiples time throughout this process for various not ideal reasons, so I put those files on the desktop so the project could survive even as drives switched around.

I've now had to also switch machines as well, and I copied all those files to a drive assuming I could relink at the other end on the other machine.

I now have sequences full of offline media and a bin with full of offline clips but seemingly no way to get anything back online.

In that past, it's been enough for me to simply make a new bin and AMA link the material I want relinked, and it would be detected that this media was the same and the offline media in my existing bins and sequences would come online of its own accord, however this time that isn't happening and I'm a bit stuck what to do.

I've tried:

  • Alt drag and also source browser linking to the files as if starting from scratch

  • Batch capturing and the offline AMA files hoping to eat the time loss in exchange for them at least working but Avid simply says that this "isn't allowed" (WTF?)

  • Using the relink dialogue with standard settings

  • using the relink dialogue, relinking to selected items in all open bins, and selecting the clips from the 2nd bin I created with the newly linked from scratch master clips, it simply says no clips were relinked

  • looking up the expected file path which references a particular Mac OS user, and creating that exact file path on the local machine and copying the files there. I also quit and reopened the project just to give every possible chance, NOTHING, no difference even though there are files AT THE EXPECTED PATH that are literally the same files.

  • Selecting the offline clips, hitting modify and 'unlinking' them hoping it would make a clean slate and then repeating the first approach I did at the top of this list. Still NOTHING

  • Why can't I relink these files? They're not corrupted, I know where they are, I can successfully AMA link them, but I can't bring the existing master clips and by extension instances of those master clips that are used in sequences, online. I really don't want to manually write down the source tc in and out of every single instance of each of these clips used in each of many, many, timelines and re-lay the clips again with newly AMA linked versions. What is going on?

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    Glenn Sakatch
    Re: Can't relink moved AMA clips
    on Apr 5, 2019 at 9:57:39 pm

    From your description, this should have worked
    I would suggest link troubleshoot step 1... link to 1 file in a new bin, then find the original link for that file in the original bin location. Compare all the columns, especially, start time end time, duration, fps, reel name...something has to be different from one project to the next....one bin to the next...


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