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Batch import equivelant for media brought in to the project via AMA link and consolidate

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Jimmy See
Batch import equivelant for media brought in to the project via AMA link and consolidate
on Oct 23, 2017 at 7:09:49 am

I'm working on a project that's fairly large. I've been diligently backing up the project files, and the raw rushes and also the Avid MediaFiles. However, it's harder to keep up with the Avid MediaFiles and it takes much longer to copy and much more space.

Theoretically, I would think that if I never backed up the Avid MediaFiles at all, I should still be able to recover the project in full (albeit in a time consuming manner) because all the Avid Media is derived from the camera original rushes which are backed up and referenced in the project files which are backed up.

The media is XAVC and has been brought in to the project by first AMA linking and then consolidating. All sequences are then constructed using the consolidated Avid media generated by consolidating. Logically I should be able to simply consolidate from the camera rushes once more to bring everything back in the event of a loss of the Avid Media, however I think if I did that, Avid would consider it new media and the sequences and existing clips in bins would not link to it.

If the material were transcoded, or from tape, I would batch re-import or batch capture, but this material is still in the camera native codec, just consolidated. Is there a way I could select offline master clips and then have Avid consolidate from source to bring it back online?

The ideas I have involve either making bins of AMA linked versions of the offline clips and then relinking to AMA followed by consolidating those AMA clips, or the same process in reverse with the AMA clips consolidated first then the offline clips pointed to the drive with the consolidated media for relink. That seems like it would work, however relinking in Avid can be a very temperamental process with unwieldy results and lots of manual intervention so I'd be keen to see if there's any other ways I could go about it.

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