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Tape ID vs Tapename for AMA linking

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George Cuddy
Tape ID vs Tapename for AMA linking
on Aug 26, 2016 at 6:57:39 am

Hey Everybody,

Normally, when ingesting new footage, I'll AMA link to the source files and give those AMA links a proper TapeName through the /modify/ source / - menu. Then transcode down to a lower resolution to build my edits. Somebody showed me a different approach, whereby you use the TapeID column and fill that with the normal Tapename info. I like the idea of getting away from using the "set source" tapename because I'm not using tapes, I'm using media files.

I'm also told it, eliminates problems when multiple clips have timecode 00:00:00:00, and they need to be grouped. Can anyone explain the difference between the "set source" tapename and the TapeID column. Is there any downside to getting away from using the Tapename with media files?

Thanks for any insight.

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Michael Phillips
Re: Tape ID vs Tapename for AMA linking
on Aug 26, 2016 at 5:28:42 pm

What are you using as a "proper tape name"? How will this be used downstream? If for conform, the actual filename of the asset is what will be used and is already available in the Source File column. I for one never recommend adding a TAPE to an AMA linked file as those are treated differently within Media Composer MOB type stuff, not to mention it's a pain in the ass to do. The only time I have seen both Tape and Source File is with BWF audio import when a "tape" has been assigned in the iXML/bEXT chunk of the file. But in this scenario, Media Composer is handling it upon import/linking.

The issue with cameras that do not record timecode is as you say, all clips start at 00:00:00:00. What makes a clip unique in Media composer is:

Both Source File and Timecode
Both Tape and Timecode

Or more simply put, a unique REEL ID. Then it does not matter what the timecode is as that will be used for proper frame identification, not the file itself. I conformed 148 VFX events in Resolve coming from MC where all the timecodes started at 00:00:00:00 but since each VFX filename was unique, there were no issues.

Where this does become a problem is some cameras like to start renaming their files the same way after a camera shut down or battery replacement. Then you will have both duplicate file names and timecode. This is the ONLY time I consider changing the file name before ANY process starts, backup, archive, editorial, etc. I will use a file renaming utility and add a date stamp and other unique identifier to the file name. This is for formats that do not use a card structure and XML sidecar files, but standalone clip files.

My preferences if adding additional REEL (tape) to clips, I will add to the Labroll or Camroll columns as I can generate an EDL with this sources if needed. It does not mean TapeID and Labroll/Camroll are mutually elusive, but additive for list generation.

Sequences can be relinked to source clips via "relink to seleted" based on most ANY column available in the bin, even custom columns as well as AuxTC columns if needed.

My two or three cents.


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