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Workflow for 2 camera doc (MC vs Premiere)

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Bill Hilferty
Workflow for 2 camera doc (MC vs Premiere)
on Feb 12, 2016 at 3:29:59 pm

Hi all,

I'm new to learning MC because I think it is probably necessary to learn to get more work! Coming from a Premiere/FCP background. However I am thinking that learning it for the current project I am working on may not be the best choice...

I have about 30 hours of footage, 2 cameras (so 60 hours), and external audio that needs to be synced. I've been reading tons on MC workflows, AMA vs Importing, etc. I've read that Maybe Avid isn't the best choice for a heavily grouped workflow, which I will be needing to do b/c of the 2 cams.

Does anyone have a recommended workflow for this - even going as far as logging the footage (in this department I think I am okay but not sure if it is any different for grouped clips)

BTW - if I were using premiere I would plural eyes this stuff, bring it in to premiere, go through my synced timelines and create new multicam clips, then proceed to log them in the Project Panel (maybe there is even a better way to do this, but is what I am used to for shorter projects).

Also the current media has all been transcoded to prores by my clients, and I think they have put it in plural eyes for synching, so that is the current state of things.

Should I try the Avid MC route or convince them to go to premiere for this project. I'm not worried about the learning curve, just if this is the right kind of project to learn MC on or if I should go with trying premiere.

Thank you!

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Michael Phillips
Re: Workflow for 2 camera doc (MC vs Premiere)
on Feb 12, 2016 at 5:21:52 pm

If PluralEyes is part of the process, then the grouping process will be the same for Adobe and MC. The only thing to be aware of is that it seems that the recent PluralEyes 4 seems to have removed AAF export from the application meaning that is no longer a solution.

MC 8.5 has included audio waveform sync for multicam grouping. It's a good start and works fairly well as long as you tell it which clips belong together. It gets a little funky on lots of short clips though.

MC cannot change a group clip after the fact - so adding, removing, or correcting sync is not possible without creating a new group clip. Any sequence that used the old group clip will not relink to the new group clip so you would have to replace edit those events.

There are performance issues to be aware of - since multicam assumes multiple stream playback, the codec choice is important as is drive subsystem and connection type. Transcoding to DNxHD will be a benefit.

Those are some things to consider as you make your choice.


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Bill Hilferty
Re: Workflow for 2 camera doc (MC vs Premiere)
on Feb 13, 2016 at 6:06:05 am

Thanks for the response!

A Little update, however.. Turns out the client did not transcode to prores and has all of the h.264 footage (!) from a Canon 70D synced in pluraleyes. Now I can't export from pluraleyes to avid because it didn't originate in avid.

That's not my problem now though really, I figure I'll resynch in avid or do a new roundtrip to/fro plural eyes 3.5 - not a huge problem.

What I am struggling with is the best way to get all of this media INTO avid. They have it all organized on a finder level by day, name of interview subject, broll category, CAM A, CAM B etc. The original Canon camera structure is intact (DCIM/100 CANON) within this organization but I'm unsure if any of it can be retained or if I should remake it within Avid.

Currently I am Creating folders in Avid that mimic the folders in finder and separate bins within these folders for CAM A and CAM B. I am then AMA'ing the media in these bins then doing a transcode from within avid. The only problem I am seeing with this is that I actually have to transcode for each bin.. Instead of doing some sort of batch import/transcode that I can let run over the weekend. Is something like this possible or do you or anyone have any suggestions on a better import workflow when a bunch of footage is already organized at a finder level?

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Pat Horridge
Re: Workflow for 2 camera doc (MC vs Premiere)
on Feb 13, 2016 at 9:10:42 am

Background Transcode is your friend. AMA link, organise bin folder etc. Select clips, choose transcode, tick the background option at the bottom. (Make sure background services running )
New clips will be created but show as offline. No worries just move to new bin/folder.
Move on to next Card AMA link and repeat.
When a good batch load going. Leave it to get on with it or edit away with the clips as they com0lete and pop online. Note actually playing content pauses the background process.

Pat Horridge
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Bill Hilferty
Re: Workflow for 2 camera doc (MC vs Premiere)
on Feb 13, 2016 at 6:16:34 pm

Thanks for the reply,

Unfortunately I get an error when trying to use background. "The Production Services Engine was unable to make a connection - login error."

I have it enabled and am connected to the internet.. Any idea what this may be?

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