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Export AAF from Premiere, Relink Nightmare in AVID.

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Ludmil Kazakov
Export AAF from Premiere, Relink Nightmare in AVID.
on May 20, 2015 at 7:56:58 pm

I have a project that was exported from premiere, shot on red camera. everything loads in AVID but its offline.. how can I reconnect via AMA to the red files...

when i go to import red footage it says format not supported.. Right click Relink to AMA is grayed out.. and I am on Avid 8! But then I do have the AMA driver downloaded from the web site..

Its ridiculous how hard AVID makes simple tasks..

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Michael Phillips
Re: Export AAF from Premiere, Relink Nightmare in AVID.
on May 20, 2015 at 8:20:40 pm

Well first of all we need to see what came over from Premiere in the AAF. After loading the AAF, do a "set bin display" and click "show reference clips". This will now display all the source clips that made up the AAF. The reason to do this is to add the "Tape" column to the bin and see what metadata was being tracked for the camera originals. If all is good, it should be the original 16 character.r3d file names. If not, what does it say? Hopefully it's not the 8 character truncation of it. If so, there is another possible workaround.

Then, in another bin, AMA link to all your RED original camera files. Once loaded, select all, then select the sequence from the AAF import, right-click, and select "relink". At the top you want "relink to selected".

from there you want to make sure all the other settings are good - I'm not in front of a system now, but you want to go through each of them. In the area where there is a side by side type selection, the left side represents the sequence and the right side the selected clips. Make sure that is set up to match Tape/Source File and remove any .r3d or _001 if it exists. Then click OK.


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Ludmil Kazakov
Re: Export AAF from Premiere, Relink Nightmare in AVID.
on May 20, 2015 at 9:20:30 pm

yes i see all the original files but in video it says DNxHD 175 X (HD1080p)
I am following your instructions so i select all the online AMA files along with the offline sequence? then right click relink?

Media drive - I select the drive where its all..
and then what should i select for this?
Load media database(s) -
relink selected master clips -
relink only to media from the current project -

Relink by
Timecode is set at start
Source Name Set at tae name or source file id
Ignore extension? should it be checked
Match case when comparing source names? should it be checked?

and video parameters I have any video format..

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Glenn Sakatch
Re: Export AAF from Premiere, Relink Nightmare in AVID.
on May 23, 2015 at 3:48:18 pm

No, that is the wrong relink method. Michael was suggesting you "relink by selected"

Under the area you are describing is another check box. Relink by selected media in all open bins.

You do not want to relink by the drive/database information, because the media you want to relink to (original r3ds) is not part of the database system. That is for mxf created media.

Have your sequence in one bin, and your r3ds in another bin
select all the r3ds. Right click on your sequence and select the "selected media in all open bins" You are telling avid to relink this sequence to all the media you have selected in any other bin that is currently open. (the selected r3ds)

From here you will have to play with the link by options...tape name, clip name, etc.


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