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Question about ALEXA Files in Avid Metadata for EDL

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Daniel Fenjves
Question about ALEXA Files in Avid Metadata for EDL
on Apr 26, 2013 at 1:59:12 pm

Newbie here.
We're trying to create an EDL for a feature based on DNxHD36 files that are coming in form an Alexa camera (via a DIT team). The issue that we are facing is that the 'source file' column for all of our clips are empty. Usually the 'Tape' column would have a mirror of this information, but it only contains a shortened version of the file name (reel but no clip information). Is there any straightforward way to import the source file name in to the 'source file' column if it's not there?

Screenshot of metadata: http://images.creativecow.net/257627/screenshot2013-04-26at7.23.24pm.png
File Names: http://images.creativecow.net/257627/screenshot2013-04-26at7.27.01pm.png

What it should look like: http://images.creativecow.net/257627/screenshot2013-04-26at7.25.31pm.png

Thanks for all of your help in advance.

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Michael Phillips
Re: Question about ALEXA Files in Avid Metadata for EDL
on Apr 26, 2013 at 5:02:48 pm

I have done plenty of DI using the 8 character REEL ID embedded in the ProRes file - between that and the timecode, there is a unique identification for conform. Any DI system will let you set up how you want to set REEL ID, in this case it would be "embedded" and a simple CMX3600 will do the trick.

If the requirement is really for the entire filename, then highlight the filename column you show and do a cmd-D/ctrl-D and add it to the Labroll or Camroll column (select from pop up dialog). In EDL Manager change source from Tape/Source File to either Labroll or Camroll and you are good to go. Also note you will need to use File_32 template as the entire filename exceeds the CMX3600 specification of 8 characters only.


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