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Unable to relink back to Hi rez with Canon XF Media

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Joel Byrnes
Unable to relink back to Hi rez with Canon XF Media
on May 2, 2012 at 8:45:36 am

Hi, hope to wrangle some help from someone with this issue.

I have just started working with media from a Canon C300 camera. In the past I've used the AMA function to important either 5D or EXCAM footage and done so without any problems. My workflow has been to import via AMA then transcode my footage down to 10:1 for offline edits. Then at final cut stage uprez my sequence by taking my media offline, opening the original AMA bins and relinking. With 5D and EX CAM I've never had an issue.

We've recently updated to the C300 and I find now when I try the same process and relink back to the AMA files themselves, certain clips (seems to be any clips over 10mins or so duration) simply refuse to relink. Strangely they will still turn yellow, and the drive path will point to the original media's location as though they were now linked, but if you load that clip into the source it will say media offline.

Now I've read a vague report about plugin issues with certain versions but not sure if it pertains. I have tried installing the latest AMA plugin for Canon XF, but that's brought up another problem. When I open my consol and bring up a list of my AMA plugins, it says that I'm running the XF CANNON v1.0 plugin. So I tried to download and install the latest (v1.4) and install, and the setup told me the install was successful, I run the consol again once back in avid and find it still says I'm running 1.0???

So I'm at a loss as to how to relink my offline transcoded clips back to the original Hi Rez ones.

I'm running Windows 7, AvidMC 5.03 and Avid tells me I'm running v1.0 of the Canon XF AMA plugin.

Any ideas on how to get my clips to relink?

Thanks a bunch!

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Pat Horridge
Re: Unable to relink back to Hi rez with Canon XF Media
on May 3, 2012 at 8:23:10 am

Sounds like an issue with spanned clips if it's duration related.

For clarity it's best to not refer to "imported" AMA as we still have import as an option. I refer to is as linking to AMA (which you may then consolidate or trancode)

Anyway IF you have re-mounted the AMA clips and they play fine in the source do they not link to the sequence clips?

Pat Horridge
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Joel Byrnes
Re: Unable to relink back to Hi rez with Canon XF Media
on May 3, 2012 at 8:39:45 am

Yes, just discovered it is a problem with spanned clips.

Seems the Canon C300 cameras being used on this shoot will only create file sizes less than 2gbs in size, so any clip that goes longer than around 4 minutes gets broken up into multiple files and named with different numeric prefixes.

So when it comes time to relink offline to AMA media, avid will only relink shorter clips that have matching filenames (i guess?)

In any case, I discovered that a solution is to enter a 0 value in the VERSION SPERATOR box in the relink settings and that appears to solve it.

Yes, I will refer to linking to AMA as such in the future. In this case however I was more concerned about differentiating between relinking to AMA and linking to AMA which may have got confusing as well!


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Sara Maamouri
Re: Unable to relink back to Hi rez with Canon XF Media
on Aug 16, 2017 at 5:50:41 pm

Hi Joel,

I'm having trouble relinking to the spanned clips as well (version 8.6.5) however, I don't quite understand your solution, as I don't see a "VERSION SPERATOR box in the relink settings"

Could you possibly give more detail?
Or has anyone else found a solution for relinking AMA clips that were spanned clips?

thank you!

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Brent Marginet
Re: Unable to relink back to Hi rez with Canon XF Media
on Aug 16, 2017 at 10:24:55 pm

Many people have issues with spanned clips from the C300.
The solution is to run the clips through XF Utility first and have it combine the spanned clips into single clips.

You will notice that XF Utility will truncated the last two digits in the file name when it offloads them.
If they no longer exist on the cards XF Utility can be a bit quirky about how you access its media.

I learnt the hard way once and have never ever used C300 media since unless I pass it through XF Utility.
Solved any and every issue that I had the first time.

"MY MEDIA/PROJECT MOTO: If you think three copies of your media or project are enough.
Take a moment to place a value on them and then maybe add two more.
Hard Drives are now stupidly cheap. A RE-SHOOT AND YOUR TIME AREN'T."

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