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A media management question

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Peter GroomA media management question
by on Apr 16, 2012 at 9:17:17 am

HI. I have a 2.5 hr HD timeline. Just about every clip had some cc on it, and then rendered. Then to make a non long GOP qt ref I had to make a video mixdown.
So as you can see the original files are way down in the structure and most arent in the timeline now as theyre replaced with new rendered media.

How can i identify and delete the cc render files so im left with my timeline exactly as it was with unrendered cc effects on it.
Its using up a mega amount of hd space i could do with freeing up and if i have to revisit the prog ill do a new mixdown which will rendering as i go.
I hope thats clear

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Eugeny KorkhinRe: A media management question
by on Apr 16, 2012 at 11:14:28 am

Hi, Peter.

Not sure if I got you right, but let's try:
There is a button at the bottom left of the bin (looks like a bold = sign) where you can use the "Set Bin Display..." option to make rendered files visible in the bin. Then you can delete them. But those will be files, related to all the sequences in that bin. To delete render files from one particular sequence you should either place that sequence in a separate bin and display rendered files there, or, with that sequence selected and rendered files already displayed, use the "Select media relatives" option located at the same menu - bottom left of the bin.

When deleting rendered media in Avid you should be careful because among those rendered files Avid displays mattes and titles with exactly the same icon (i.e. if you have imported a TGA or TIFF or any other file-sequence with alpha channel, they'll go offline if you accidentely delete it). You need to identify and exclude them by hand.

Some Off-Topic:
I find rendered files management in Avid really weak because one day you may run out of space with no visual cause for that as Avid loses relation to those files easily: anyone can do the test - create a bin, create a new sequence, put a clip on the timeline, apply any effect, render. Turn on display of rendered files in the bin - you will see ONE rendered file that you can delete. Looks good by now. Now adjust the effect, render again - you still have ONE rendered file in the bin, while in fact you have created TWO. And the first rendered file is lost for Avid, but it exists as the real media in the Avid MediaFiles folder and takes valuable space.

Wish you luck, Peter.

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Peter GroomRe: A media management question
by on Apr 16, 2012 at 12:49:15 pm

Thanks for that.
Ill try it ina test situation before doing the big delete.

Your offline topic is really interesting - and troubling.
Makes me wonder just how much disc space is wasted on unreferenced files.

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