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Dan Newton
EDL Output
on Jul 22, 2010 at 2:19:36 pm


Hope all is well...

I have completed my first OFFLINE edit and waiting for approval from the client.

Now if it does get approved by the client I need to send the EDL to the online supplier who will be formatting it and color correcting it etc...,

My question to you is how do I output a edl ---

as the edit has 3 video tracks --

should I duplicate the sequence -- make sure it is clean and has no text or audio and place an input and output point to it and export as edl and then save as

or is there more to it????

Please Help!!!!!

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Michael Phillips
Re: EDL Output
on Jul 23, 2010 at 6:19:18 pm

What product are they using to online with? If an Avid project it will be as simple as sending the bin with the sequence (MC or Symphony) or an AFE if going to Avid DS.

If you do need an EDL, you will send an EDL for each V track, so in this case, V1 with A tracks, then V2 and a V3. Three EDL's in all.


Michael Phillips

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Dan Newton
Re: EDL Output
on Jul 23, 2010 at 7:15:23 pm

Hey Michael,

thanks so much for getting back to me ---

a few things to know...

so if there are three v tracks

first i would highlight the first v track --- output it as a edl

then for the second v trck i do the same
and so on for the third

and as you mention there will be a total of three edls

now my second doubt is the audio

when i place the in put and output points to the first track should the audio tracks be selected as well -- then i out put as edl

or should i export the audio as a omf -- if so how would i go into doing that what are the best settings.....

Please Help....

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Job ter Burg
Re: EDL Output
on Jul 24, 2010 at 7:58:14 am

IMHO, this is the best way if you need to do EDLs:

In MC, choose Output->EDL. This will launch EDL Manager.

The first thing to do in EDL Manager is open the Option window (CTRL-2 or CMD-2). There you choose an EDL format. You can ask the post house what flavor they prefer, but usually CMX3600 will do the trick (this used to be more important in the days of linear online bays). Unless they specify a certain type of switcher (vision mixer), never mind that setting.

Master List tab
Source TC should usually be Start TC, Record TC should usually be TC1, Reel ID should be Tape or Filename. Most of the times, you will need an A-sorted list for the conform these days.

Dupe List tab
Select None in the list type. Then ignore the rest of this tab.

Options tab
Select Optimize EDL and Include Source Table. Depending on the tapenames you gave to your source reels, select or deselect Convert Tapenames To Numbers.

Comments tab
Select Comments and Effects

Save these settings.

In the top of the EDL Manager window, select which tracks to include in the EDL. Ask who needs what. If picture is conformed/onlined by one department and audio by another, make separate lists (audio may not even want or need EDL's but rather prefer AAF or OMF).

If you have several videotracks, you can select which videotrack you are using in the EDL (click on the V-button). Usually, you make one per track. You could also choose "All V", but that is messy if there is actual track layering involved.

Now, in EDL Manager, there is a button that says Get Current Sequence; do NOT use this.

In stead, in EDL Manager, choose File->Open, then navigate to the bin with your final edit, and open it. If there's more than one sequence in the bin, EDL Manager will ask you which one to open (and you should select the right one). If there's just one sequence, an EDL will instantly be created.

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Paul Carlin
Re: EDL Output
on Sep 19, 2018 at 4:16:24 pm

I know this is an old post, but so is my guide to exporting EDLs.


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