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Export as 3D Model?

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Rich LeachExport as 3D Model?
by on Sep 12, 2010 at 9:02:59 pm


I built a cube with text on all sides but the bottom in ProAnimator v. 4.5.1.

I'm trying like crazy to get some kind of 3d render into After Effects CS5 that I can use. I posted earlier about not being able to rotate my objects (technically, I can't seem to get all of my objects to group) so I thought that I'd try to export my scene as a format that AE CS5 can understand. I don't have any animation yet (maybe after I resolve my earlier posts) so I thought exporting it to a 3d object would enable something more than just the uber - 3d that AE gives it's flat objects. Is this correct, can I expect true 3d behavior from an exported 3d object from ProAnimator? If I bring a rendered 3d object from ProAnimator into AE will I be able to do things like rotate and orbit a camera around the object?



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Edward WuRe: Export as 3D Model?
by on Sep 13, 2010 at 6:22:32 pm

Hi Rich,

The Export 3D Objects command is actually used for exporting the models for other 3D programs such as Maya, Lightwave, and other 3D applications. After Effects does not allow you to import 3D Objects such as Maya .obj files, or Lightwave .lwo formats, so you won't be able to import those formats into After Effects.

At the moment, since ProAnimator does not work as a plug-in for After Effects, you won't be able to integrate the After Effects camera or lights to work with the ProAnimator objects. This means you will have to set up the camera or object animations in ProAnimator prior to importing it into After Effects. Once you are able to use ProAnimator in After Effects (either in After Effects CS4 or once the After Effects CS5 compatible version is released), you can select a setting "Use Comp Camera". This will allow you to rotate, orbit the After Effects camera, and have your objects update in perspective as well.

Hope this helps.


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Rich LeachRe: Export as 3D Model?
by on Sep 13, 2010 at 10:21:42 pm

Thanks Edward, I saw the File:Import menu and saw the available file types included some of the 3d programs out there and thought I'd try to get my ProAnimator file in there some other way.... back to the drawing board ;-)



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Drew HudginsRe: Export as 3D Model?
by on Oct 3, 2010 at 4:03:47 am

So -- ProAnimator cannot be used as a plug in in AE? .. or are you just suggesting the workflow should go like your description... do all the animating in PA because you CAN'T use AE cameras very easily to do heavy animating... and THEN import your PA comp into AE for finishing touches and tweaks...

?? Am I understanding that correctly?

I ask because I've wanted to use AE's cameras in the past with PA comp's but it was extremely challenging. Sometimes I ended up with something that kind of went a different direction but usable. But I think I need someone to break down and explain just how cameras specifically work with PA in AE (I can never keep straight some of the things to keep in mind among the switches -- i.e. ... Flatten Transparency, the 3D switch is a No-no, except in a PreComp, but then ... you must do this or this or that... ) etc

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