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lorenzo fabianPro Animator HD titles
by on Aug 21, 2010 at 4:39:42 am

Hello, I'm working with HDV 1080i60 (1440x1080) 16:9 footage and i would like to add a title from pro animator 3d text. The problem i'm having is that i don't know how to make my canvas fit my fcp canvas. The fcp sequence is HDV and pro animator is giving me a SD canvas. How can i make an HD canvas in pro animator 3d text so whatever i type can fit my project in fcp? My version of pro animator is standalone 4.5.1. I'm a total newbie to proanimator, thanks in advance!

These are the current settings in pro animator:
unchecked-center text block
checked-create white space object
Size (72)
Width Scale(100)
Height Scale(100)
Base Shift(0)

The typing box has about 2/3s covered with grey and 1/3 with dark grey.

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Reuben ZuazuaRe: Pro Animator HD titles
by on Aug 21, 2010 at 12:57:14 pm

All you have to do is Click your heels and say there is no place like the Cow Forum...

How are you running ProAn? As a Stand Alone? Inside AE? Inside FCP?
Im using AE since my FCP is in use right now, but
A create a new solid at the size I want... "Make Comp Size...
And thats it...

Reuben Zuazua
After Hours Production
graFX Artist

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lorenzo fabianRe: Pro Animator HD titles
by on Aug 26, 2010 at 8:06:01 am

thanks for your response, i figured it out after a long time clicking everywhere, since I'm running the application in standalone mode i thought at first that like most programs i had to set my canvas size at the beginning. Sadly I was wrong, i had to create my text and after that i went into the pixel aspect menu and changed it to the size of my sequence. Thanks for the response though...

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Edward WuRe: Pro Animator HD titles
by on Aug 23, 2010 at 8:07:06 pm

Hi Lorenzo,

Be sure to set the ProAnimator project to be the same as your Sequence size in Final Cut Pro. This means, if your Final Cut Pro project is SD, then set the same project size in ProAnimator. Then, render out your animation, and import the movie into Final Cut Pro, and it should fit into the Sequence without any issues.


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