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Fly-through-text in Proanimator

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Maria PerezFly-through-text in Proanimator
by on Jun 30, 2009 at 9:26:48 pm

Hi boys!, I have a couple of q. regarding flying through text in Proanimator;
1-How? (I tried using the Pose objects animation but it doesn't go all the way through, it stalls at the end of text and fly-t. dies there)
2-Can you animate a camera easily from point a to point b and go straight through text and come out "alive"?
3-Does anyone knows if Zaxwerks has a Zaxwerks for Dummies training or tuts (Tuts outthere are to 'convulated' and 'not-practical' they teach more than one way to accomplish something :( and or are too many steps :(? (Please no offense anyone outhere; on the other hand I know this is the business of motion-graphic and to make art you need patience, but seriously no 'shortcuts' and or 'cheating' charts?

Maria P "SixNiner"

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Edward WuRe: Fly-through-text in Proanimator
by on Jul 1, 2009 at 5:55:43 pm

Hi Maria,

1) To do a camera fly-through, you're on the right track. You can definitely use the Poses to create an animation where your text flies through the camera. Have either the object onscreen or offscreen at the beginning Pose. Then, in the ending Pose, take the object either offscreen or onscreen (depending on your fly-through animation).

2) The camera fly-through uses the same technique as the object fly-through. You set a starting and ending camera pose, then set the camera to the appropriate starting and ending positions.

3) In terms of training videos, we have a DVD Training series called "Making It Look Great". The series is produced by John Dickinson, and includes training from Alan Shisko, Harry Frank, and John Dickinson himself. The DVD Training includes all the example projects so you can follow along step-by-step.

John Dickinson is also working on a set of animation presets for ProAnimator. When finished, it will be a set of fully customizable presets so you can use them to quickly set up animations that you need in production work. In terms of having multiple steps or ways to do something, that could be true. The program allows you to take multiple approaches to do a certain types of animations, so while it can be time consuming to do learn more approaches, it can also be advantageous when you need to approach the project in different ways.

In terms of shortcuts, I would look into John Dickinson's preset animations program when it gets released. The program will have everything set up already, so you can look at all the different kinds of setups and see which ones work well for you, and learn to customize them to make even better animations.

Hope this helps. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.


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Maria PerezRe: Fly-through-text in Proanimator
by on Jul 2, 2009 at 12:34:59 am

Hi Edward,
I really appreciate your promt reply!:) Very respectfully YOu're a sweetheart! Really!!!
Not to insult your intelligence I hear what you're saying I do understand that I can do the poses for the fly through, if it helps what I'm trying to accomplish is to do exactly what JD did on his tutorial (by the way I am buying the ones you recommended asap probably next week or month as soon as I can afford and I will keep an eye for the Proanimator ones, I hope it's soon!) going back what I'm trying to do is exactly what JD did on his tutorial: "invig_wireframe" downloadable from his website where he does a fly through camera through text and succesfully exits the text, although I've tried to replicate (as much as possible as he doesn't exactly show how he does it but) everything he did I can't succefully exit the camera from the text and like a helicopter go up and look back down at the text @ the end of the 'tunnel/text' it stays there and it doesn't exit when using the pose tech. not w/ the camera but with the object. Animating the camera doesn't work for me. Although he's in AE. I tried to do the pose with the camera but it doesn't seem to work at all. Once I have my text, I go down on the timeline then I double click near end to create pose, then set text as I wanted to end and then I chooose the camera icon and go back to the first pose on time line selected and move text as I want to start the animation and play the anim and no results. I'm I doing anything wrong?

I noticed that the flythrough that doesn't exit once the camera its inside one letter doesn't see further from inside the text (it can only see the wires of that particular text until crosses to the next text and the same thing happens, thus the 'wireframe' effect doesn't look real and natural, again like in JD's animation at the end which seems like traveling through 'boxed cages'. Edward I want you to know that I'm really thankfull that you are helping, as Zaxwerks is not the type of program you can type on youtube and find tutorials.

Thanks a bunch!!!
Maria P."SixNiner"

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Edward WuRe: Fly-through-text in Proanimator
by on Jul 2, 2009 at 9:20:05 pm

Hi Maria,

You're welcome.

I see. The fly-through and look back is a more complicated move than just a text fly-through. If you're working with the ProAnimator camera, you would have to move the letters off the origin first to give the camera room to move, then you will have room for the fly-through and turn. You will need 3 camera poses. A starting pose that is sitting right outside the pose, a middle pose where the camera has flown through the letters, and a final pose where the camera turns back around.

To create a camera animation, you must first go to the "Camera Animations" drop-down menu, and select "Add Pose". Then, you will be able to add the middle and ending poses by double clicking at the appropriate spots in the timeline. After you have set up the poses, go to each pose and set up the correct positions by going into Camera Mode, and using the camera tools. You may find it easier to use some of the "Views" presets to help you set up the correct view.

As for not being able to see through the letters, be careful to not use "Hidden Line" instead of "Wireframe". Hidden Line looks very similar to what Wireframe looks like, except you are not able to see through the characters. So for John Dickinson's example, he uses a Solid gold color in the front of the letters, but uses the Wireframe look for the sides.

I have an example ProAnimator scene you may look at if you're still having issues. Contact me at and I can send that over to you.


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